​​​​​​​New rules of engagement with Turkey in Syria, UN invitations to confront Cov

Press sources revealed that the Russian Defense Minister discussed with al-Assad the new rules of engagement with Turkey and the issue of amendments to the terms of the Adana agreement, while Erdogan's mercenaries in Libya are trying to use the health situation to achieve field progress, while the United Nations called for an end to wars and confronting the Corona virus.

On Tuesday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon the situation in Idlib, in addition to Turkish interference in Libya, and Corona virus outbreak.

Al-Arab: Sergey Shoygu discusses with al-Assad the limits of the new rules of engagement with Turkey

The Arab newspapers published this morning on the Syrian issue dealt with the situation in Idlib and the Russian-Turkish dispute, and in this context, al-Arab newspaper said, "Russian political sources revealed that Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu discussed with the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad the agreement between Moscow and Ankara and the new limits of engagement after Turkey broke it During the Peace Operation in Idlib last month. "

The sources stated to the newspaper, Sergey Shoygu, who made a surprise visit to Syria, held a long meeting with Assad in the presence of Major General Ali Mamlouk, Director of the National Security Office and Defense Minister General Ali Ayoub, and the meeting discussed Turkey's use of warplanes and bombing Syrian army sites and destroying Syrian infrastructure."

The meeting also took place, according to the sources, "raising the issue of the amendments in the provisions of the Adana Agreement, which the sources say will increase the distance that Turkish forces intervene militarily, alleging fighting terrorism within the Syrian borders, to 30 km, while it was previously 5-10 km."

A source in Damascus pointed out that "the visit carried with it the possibility of joint Russian-Turkish-Syrian military action to remove the opposition organizations from the M-4" road, and to test the credibility of the Turkish speech in distancing these terrorist-classified organizations present in Idlib, such as the HTS and Guardians of Religion Organization affiliated with al-Qaeda. The United States attacked it several months ago and killed prominent leaders in it. "

Al-Bayan: Erdogan's mercenaries between aggression and fabrication

Regarding the Turkish intervention in Libya, Al Bayan newspaper said, "All evidences in Libya indicate a lack of commitment by the Turkish mercenaries and militias of al-Saraj government, whether to the truce decision imposed since January 12, or to the United Nations and regional and international forces to enter into a humanitarian truce that helps address the risk of the spread of the virus, so what It is currently concerned with exploiting the world's preoccupation with the crisis health situation to achieve field points through daily attacks on army sites.

Turkish mercenaries and militias daily attack the positions of the armed forces in several axes such as al-Hirah, Ramleh, Ain Zara, Airport Road and Salah al-Din, and by trying to penetrate them, through intense indiscriminate shelling, in clear violation of the armistice, and when the army retaliates, it deliberately directed some of its shells to civilians, and the National Army had declared its commitment to humanitarian truce.

However, Erdogan's mercenaries did not move to Tripoli for calm or peace, so their goal became to drag the army into a fierce war, and to claim that he was behind the ignition, especially in light of a number of evidences, the most important of which is that mercenaries and militias believe that the continued fortification of the army with its current positions makes it in a state of siege.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: An international call for a "global armistice" and a comprehensive war against "Corona"

Regarding the spread of the Corona virus, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said, "United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres yesterday called for an" immediate ceasefire throughout the world "and for a comprehensive war against the global" epidemic of Corona ".

"Put an end to the disease of war, and fight the disease that is afflicting our world," Guterres said, in a brief speech at United Nations Headquarters. This begins with the cessation of hostilities everywhere. right Now. This is what our human family needs, now more than ever.”

The UN appeal coincided with the rise in HIV infections and deaths globally, including a number of Arab countries, which led them to take firm decision in imposing commitment to precautionary measures, including isolation and curfews. In this context, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced yesterday that those who violated the partial curfew, which came into effect yesterday, will be subject to fines, even imprisonment in case of repetition.



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