New military escalation in Idlib after Putin-Erdogan meeting

After Putin-Erdogan meeting has ended, the regime forces have bombed a Turkish military point, and the Turkish artillery has targeted Saraqeb and its countryside.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored on Thursday evening a fierce introduction by the Turkish artillery and the mercenary gangs on axes of Saraqeb east of Idlib in conjunction with the Turkish drones targeting the regime forces' positions in Saraqeb, while the mercenaries are preparing for a military attack on the western hubs of Saraqeb city.

In this context, the regime forces have bombed the Turkish forces in al-Neirab town with artillery, and no information received so far.

The regime forces continue to attack Fatira and Fleifel axes, as violent clashes are taking place between them and Turkey's mercenaries, accompanied by intensive mutual bombing.

The number of raids from Russian warplanes increased during the day to 48, during which they targeted the countryside of Saraqeb, Jericho, Ma'aret Mesrin and areas in Jabal al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside and Sahel al-Ghab in the northwestern countryside of Hama.

The regime's warplanes also bombed areas in Jabal al-Zawiya with 8 strikes.

It is noteworthy that this escalation came after a meeting between the Russian president and his Turkish counterpart in Moscow to discuss the Idlib file and the escalation taking place there.

The Source: The Observatory

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