New joint patrol; Turkish armored vehicle try to intimidate journalists

The Russian military police conducted a new patrol with the Turkish occupation forces on the borders in the area of ​​Darbasiyyah in northern Syria. During the patrol, Turkish soldiers directed their armored vehicles towards the journalists in order to intimidate them and prevent them from carrying out their work.

The patrol started today, from the village of Shirkeh, west of Darbasiyyah, and passed through several villages in the west and east of the district. The armored vehicles, which passed through the villages of "Karamany, Tel Kadish, Ghanameya, west of the district, and the village of Karbatli and Jdideh east of the district", were accompanied by 4 armored vehicles from both sides, accompanied by two Russian helicopters.

During the patrol, the Turkish occupation soldiers directed their armored vehicles towards the journalists who were covering the joint Russian-Turkish patrol, with the aim of intimidating them and preventing them from continuing their work.

After the patrol ended its tour in the village of Shirkeh, the starting point, the Turkish occupation armored vehicle returned to Turkish territory and the Russian armored vehicles headed towards Qamishlo.


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