New earthquake hits Izmir

A new earthquake hit Izmir, today morning, in the district of Saqri Hissar'', in the province of Izmir, in western Turkey, while the death toll of yesterday's earthquake rose to 25 killings and other 804 injuries. 

Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, the AFAD, announced that an earthquake hit in the Aegean Sea, off  ''Saqri Hissar'', at 8:31 local time, pointing out that the information that were published on it's website show that the quake was at 7.33 km deep.

In a statement ''AFAD'' said that at Saturday dawn, the area after the earthquake that hit the ''Aegean Sea'' off the aforementioned province until 04:00 local time, witnessed around 341 aftershocks, of which 31 over 4 magnitude.    

Turkish authorities announced, today morning, that the death toll of the Izmir earthquake, that hit west of the country yesterday, has risen to 25 deaths and 804 injuries.



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