New documents show Turkish security forces attacking US security personnel in 2017

Videos of Turkish security forces violently attacked US protesters and security personnel during Erdogan's visit to Washington in 2017, and the number of US security personnel was injured, The Hill newspaper reported.

Erdogan's visit to Washington this week has raised concerns about a repeat of the violence in 2017.

The newspaper pointed out that the court got new documents talking about the details of the assault of Turkish security personnel on civilians as a demonstrator peacefully demonstrating.

The newspaper pointed out that more than 12 Turkish security officials have been accused by the Washington Metropolitan Police Department two years ago of inciting violence against demonstrators who were demonstrating outside the residence of the Turkish ambassador in Washington.

The newspaper pointed out that the pictures and video was very clear that the Turkish security forces carried out a violent attack on the demonstrators and US security personnel, where several people from the US security forces and US Secret Service officers were injured and were transferred to the hospital at the time.

"This case is really important for the rights of American citizens to exercise their rights in the United States, and it's just a kind of disrespect for our constitution and our citizens on the part of Turkey," said Agneska M. Friesman of law firm Cohen Milstein, a company representing five people in a lawsuit against Turkey. ".

The meeting between Trump and Erdogan is likely to be controversial. A Turkish state-owned bank is accused of violating Iran's penal code.

Eikan Erdemir, a former member of Turkey's parliament, said Erdogan and his brother-in-law, Turkish Finance and Treasury Minister Prat Albayrak, may be involved in the trial.

During his visit, the Turkish president is likely to focus on legislation passed by the House of Representatives that calls for sanctions against Turkey, Erdogan and his family.

Erdogan's opponents say there is one thing Erdogan will not be able to prevent their right to protest against his visit. The newspaper pointed out that the Armenian community and the Kurdish Muslim and Yazidis are already planning for mid-week demonstrations against Erdogan's visit.

A report by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy predicted that Erdogan's visit to Washington would face huge protests in the United States over the Turkish invasion of northern and eastern Syria, and feared that the visit could turn into a diplomatic disaster as happened in 2017, pointing out that the chances of success of this visit is slim because of the large files Erdogan will face.



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