New displaced families flocked to Washokani camp

Despite the difficult conditions in the winter time inside the camps, the number of displaced people in Washokani camp increases daily, and today 186 new families have arrived in the camp, reaching the number of displaced families residing in the camp to 718 families.

The Turkish attack continues in the areas of NE, Syria, this attack led to the displacement of 300 thousand people from the areas that are under constant attacks and shelling by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from ISIS andJ Jabhet al-Nusra.

During the Turkish attack on the area, according to the Humanitarian Affairs Report, 478 civilians were killed and 1,070 injured.

To accommodate these forcibly displaced people as a result of the Turkish massacres, the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA has opened more than 64 schools in the city of al-Hasakah and its surrounding, in addition to Washokani camp which is located 12 km west of the city of al-Hasakah city.

In this context, a new batch of forcibly displaced people arrived in the camp, bringing the number of families currently present from 532 to 718 families, while the number of displaced people reached 3,566 after it was 2,560 displaced.

The Kurdish Red Crescent Center in the camp received the newly displaced people upon their arrival, and provided them with emergency assistance, in addition to being sorted out by the camp administration in the tents.



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