​​​​​​​New details about Turkish dollars at Lebanon airport ... trade or terrorism?

Day after day, the secret of the entry of Turkish dollars into Lebanon is being unfolded, as the case is still under consideration by the Lebanese Judiciary and the Intelligence Directorate which is conducting investigations.

In the new details, a private plane coming from Turkey transported two persons of the Turkish nationality who were carrying a large amount of dollars, one of them called "Kamel Fidat", and they entered it to Lebanon, stating that it belonged to a banking company to leave Lebanon after two hours after handing over the money to the side that they claimed it belongs to them.

The following day, these two persons also returned on a private plane, having in possession $ 4, 530,000, and a security service at the airport alerted and delivered them to the Intelligence Directorate, based on the judiciary's indication.

Observers point to the grave error committed by the security apparatus, which allowed the entry of funds the first time, especially since they do not hold Lebanese citizenship, and they submitted a permit to carry false information that has not been verified, nor was it required to present documents confirming their authenticity.

In addition, the process of entering money in this way violates the local laws and international treaties that Lebanon has signed in order to combat financing terrorism and laundering money, where strictness must be required, especially in light of this sensitive circumstance that the country is going through in security and economic terms.

Investigations showed that the money that was entered is unlawful money, meaning that its holders were unable to establish its source. Furthermore, it was shown that their first claim that they handed over the amount to one of the cashiers is false, and they changed it by saying that they turned over the amount to people from the Syrian nationality.

The two Turks are still detained by the Intelligence Directorate, and some media outlets try to portray it as a mere commercial operation between Lebanon and Turkey.

In addition, a picture of the customs declaration of customs funds issued by the Turkish authorities spread.



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