New center to receive suspected cases of corona virus in Kobani

 Today, the Health Authority in the Euphrates region, northern Syria, finished preparing a center to receive cases showing symptoms of the emerging virus "Covid 19".

Despite the absence of cases of infection with the Corona virus in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, the Autonomous Administration announced a curfew on March 23, and took a series of decisions to prevent the virus that is spreading in neighboring countries and most of the world.

In the context of the measures taken against the virus, the Health Authority in the Euphrates region prepared a center today, Wednesday, to contain suspected cases of the virus, while the commission finished preparing a quarantine for confirmed cases - which none has been registered until now- south of the city of Kobani on the hilltop of Mushta Al-Nour.

In addition, the authority has introduced 8 new ambulances, in conjunction with the allocation of a telephone line for emergency cases.

In a statement to our agency, the official of the Mushta Al-Nour Health Center, Mohammed Al-Kurdi, said that the health cadres are fully prepared, "But the implementation of the Autonomous Administration’s decisions is the only way to prevent Corona pandemic in conjunction with its appearance in neighboring countries."

This comes in light of the announcement by the administration of the Euphrates region on Wednesday noon that the total curfew will be in effect today, from 16:00 to 06:00 in the morning on a daily basis.




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