​​​​​​​New cases of death, new infections with Covid-19 in Israel, Palestine

The total number of deaths due to coronavirus in Israel rose to 227, and infections to 16,004 cases, while Palestine recorded a total of 517 cases.

The Israeli Ministry of Health stated that the number of victims of the corona virus in the country rose today to 227, after new cases were recorded, as well as infections to 16,004.

it said in her daily statement: "There is a decrease in the number of minor and medium infections to 6,351 and 67, respectively, while the number of serious infections has increased to 107, of which 84 are subject to artificial respiration."

It pointed out that the number of people recovering from the virus reached 9,400.

In the same context, the Palestinian Minister of Health, Maei Alkila, announced on Friday evening, 10 new infections, and 3 recoveries from the virus in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

It said: "With these infections, the toll in Palestine increased to 517 infections, and recovery cases to 102 recoveries."



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