Negotiations stalled on forming new Israeli Government

Negotiations to form a new Israeli government have stalled between Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of the caretaker government from The Likud party, and the General Benny Gantz, head of  White Blue Party.

Israel's channel "13" reported Tuesday evening that the deadlock and possibly the suspension of negotiations between the two parties, Likud and Blue White, came after the Likud party backtracked on some understandings with Israel Immunity party led by Gants.

The channel reported that Netanyahu backed away from granting General Gantz the power to appoint judges to the Israeli Supreme Court and central courts under pressure from the Israeli right, forcing Gants negotiating team to withdraw from the negotiations, hours before the signing of the government formation agreement.

The channel pointed out that General Gantz accused the Likud party of backing down from the ongoing understandings between them, and therefore not signing a partnership agreement in the government, which means that the negotiations are expected to be postponed after Easter, which falls on Wednesday in the country.

It has already been stressed that any decision concerning the annexation of settlements, the Jordan Valley or any Palestinian areas must be agreed upon by the government as well as the Mini-Ministerial Council for Security and Political Affairs (Al-Kabnet).



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