Necmettin Mullah Omar: Erdogan will not have a foothold on any Syrian land

 Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Kurdistan Necmettin Mullah Omar said that Erdogan and his party will not go unquestioned for their crimes in Syria. Noting the liberation of Afrin is possible by cohesion of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria and the unification of military and civil forces.

The Turkish occupation continues its crimes and violations against the people of Afrin and its land, the recent of which is building the partition wall in order to consolidate the occupation and annex Afrin to Turkish territory.

Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Kurdistan Necmettin Mullah Omar spoke to our agency on the subject and described the AK regime and President Erdogan as the most arbitrary regimes in the region.

"Erdogan and his authoritarian regime are one of the most arbitrary and aggressive regimes in the region. Today, Erdogan does not see himself as president of Turkey, but an authoritarian person looking outside his country's borders for his interests. His decisions are unacceptable even to the Turkish people," he said.

Erdogan's policy is spreading discrimination even within the borders of his state

Mullah Omar talked about the continuous violations against Afrin residents in Afrin, especially regarding the construction of the partition wall "This wall will benefit the Turkish people?" The Turkish occupation names the villages of Afrin with Ottoman labels, the Ottomans who came from Central Asia and practiced atrocities against vulnerable peoples.

"Erdogan will not have a foothold on any Syrian land, he also hinders any democratic event or peace amongst nationalities and peoples and cultivates the division between religions and nationalities in Turkey as well. Besides, he opens the way for foreign terrorists from all parts of the world to enter Syria." Mullah Omar said.

Mullah Omar also referred to the internal crises in Turkey, especially the economic crisis, and said "He will lose by building this wall, look at the Turkish crisis, he spends what he gains by his aggression against peoples' rights in building his state, which suffers from economic crisis," assuring that Erdogan and his regime will not go unquestioned and punished for the crimes they committed in Turkey and abroad.

He called on the concerned countries to consider their situation in Afrin and appealed to "all our people throughout Kurdistan and all those who fight for freedom and dignity throughout the world to support the people of the region against the tyrannical Turkish regime which is an enemy of humanity, their support will be a victory for us."

 Necmettin Mullah Omar said that the exit of the Turkish occupation from Afrin depends on "the unity of our people with all its civilian and military forces, and activities in all its forms."


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