Nechirvan Barzani clarified his position

At a time when the Kurdish people are calling for the Kurdistan Democratic Party to clarify its position on the Turkish occupation's attacks on the areas of the legitimate right to defense, the head of the regional government sits at the table of the killers of the Kurdish people, and journalists in response see that the party clarified its position.

Since June 16, the regions of Başur Kurdistan have been subjected to violent attacks by the Turkish occupation army, which commits massacres and violations against the Kurdish people on a daily basis through indiscriminate bombing in Başûr, Şengal

and Rojava, and has arrested Kurdish politicians and activists in Bakur Kurdistan, under false pretenses and pretexts.

Far and away knows that the Turkish state is the archenemy of the Kurdish people and their struggle, and attacks any achievement achieved by the Kurds, and now aims to eliminate the will of the Kurdish people represented by the Kurdistan freedom movement in the areas of the legitimate right of defense, amid regional and international silence.

What is more, some Kurdish forces remain silent about these attacks, led by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which runs the Kurdistan Regional Government, which did not express any serious position regarding these attacks, but on the contrary it legalized the Turkish attacks through its shameful statements.

At a time when the Kurdish and Kurdish community and forces are demanding the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) to clarify its position on the Turkish attacks, (does the party stand by these attacks, or does it stand by the Kurdish people's resistance in the face of Turkish occupation, aggression and massacres), today the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani visiting Ankara and sitting at the table of the killers of the Kurdish people.

Journalist Azad Safo believes that the complicity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with the Turkish state has become evident, and he said: “The areas of Başur Kurdistan are subjected to widespread brutal attacks by the Turkish occupation army, and dozens of Kurdish civilians were killed without the Kurdistan Regional Government showing any serious position towards this aggression, which has become a threat to all the Kurdish people.

Barzani’s visit is the beginning of a new deal against the Kurds

Safo stressed that the authorities of Başur Kurdistan are pursuing a policy similar to the policy of the Baath in Iraq and Syria, and the Justice and Development Party in Turkey, which is based on suppressing freedoms and exterminating the oppressed peoples, warning that the policy pursued by the authorities of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Başur may be a spark for a new war between the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Commenting on the visit of Nechirvan Barzani to Turkey to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Safo said: “Nechirvan Barzani will meet with the Turkish President at a time when all parts of Kurdistan are under fierce attacks, especially the legitimate defense areas, as the visit has connotations about a new conspiracy being planned against the gains of the Kurdish people ... that is, a new beginning for a deal. "

The Kurdistan Democrat made his position clear

And the journalist Nazem Dashtan explained, for years, that the Turkish state has been trying to exterminate the Kurdish people by all means and methods and carefully choosing its agents, including the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and he said: “Everyone knows that Kurdish politicians and leaders of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement have called on the Kurdistan Democratic Party hundreds of times not to participate in this war is being launched by the Turkish state. "

Dashtan explained that, despite Kurdish and Kurdish appeals, Nechirvan Barzani goes to Ankara and sits with those who are trying to exterminate the Kurdish people, and this if anything indicates that the Kurdistan Democratic Party is a partner in the Turkish war on the Kurdish people, and said: “The Kurdistan Democratic Party has made clear its position. That is, participation in the project to exterminate the Kurds. "



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