Near border .. Crimes in Afrin, religious genocide against Yazidis, Christians, Alawites .. 2

The Turkish invasion and aggression against Afrin was one of the most horrific crimes of war in the history of humanity, especially it involved more than 30 salafist, racist and nationalist organizations in its battle. Most of them were classified on the lists of international terrorism.

 They equipped their strength and power to fight a peaceful people living in a small land area, including more than 300 thousand displaced people as their religious communities lived a modern tragedy after having suffered repeatedly throughout history by the Ottomans in the region.

When Turkish crimes were committed in Kasab and Idlib under the pretext of the "dictatorship Alawite regime," it violated all international laws and human rights principles with its mercenaries and committed war crimes in the ethnic cleansing and cultural annihilation of the Alawites, Christians, Druzes, Kurds and Ismailis along with Arabs and Turkmens who did not accept its occupation and its terrorist mercenaries , to be its argument in Afrin and the rest of the regions in the north and east of Syria fighting the Kurds and "returning" Syrian refugees to their land by clearing other territories of their peoples and destroying their culture. This is what happened in Tel Abyed, Serê Kanîyê and Afrin.

In Afrin and Azaz .. Tragedy of 25 thousand Yazidis and hundreds of Christian families, and destroying dozens of holy sites..

Yazidis were distributed in 22 villages in Afrin canton and in the center of it. According to unofficial statistics, before the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries' attack, they numbered 25,000. They had 15 holy shrines and places distributed in Afrin canton, as well as public schools opened by the Autonomous Administration (AA) to teach Yazidi religion, whose affairs were run and organized by the Yazidis Union in Afrin.

As for the Christians with their doctrines and ethics (Armenians, Kurds - Syriacs), they were significantly distributed in the center of Afrin city and the two districts of Rajo and Mobata.  In addition, there were 20 churches and archeological temples, considered the most ancient in the world, and the Great Good Shepherd Church was opened in the center of Afrin in April 2011. And their population before the Turkish attack and occupation was about 250 families, but the official numbers are more if compared with their presence before the revolution.

With the start of the Syrian revolution and its transformation into a crisis and anarchy since 2012, Afrin region managed to preserve its peacefulness and protect its originality and the history of its peoples with their diversity of religions and ethics, but it did escape the barbaric attacks of terrorist organizations and groups supported by Turkey. The religious communities such as Yazidi, Christian and Alawite were in the priorities of the attacks of those groups in Afrin.

After the control of the mercenary groups on Azaz city in 2012, their attacks began on the villages of Yazidis in its countryside under the name of "attacking the infidels," and they occupied the Yazidi villages of Qatmah and Ala Qinoh in the end of 2013, and kidnapped a number of their people while the rest of them displaced to the villages of Qastal Mount (Barsai) and the center of Afrin at that time. The Yazidi villages in Qastal Mount witnessed dozens of attacks by the Euphrates Shield mercenaries backed by Turkey.

Violations and war crimes in the Turkish invasion on Afrin in January 20, 2018..

After the occupation of the Turkish army and mercenaries; the Euphrates Shield, the Turkmenistan Islamic Party, foreign immigrants of the remnants of Daesh, militias called Ahfad al-Rasoul (the Descendants of the Prophet) and Firqet al-Hamzat in that region of Afrin canton, they began cultural and ethnic cleansing and annihilation in the region. They have detained the remaining of the standing Yazidis who could not displace, and forced them to learn al-Quran and pray behind them to abandon their religion and adopt Islam.

This violation was repeated in the Yazidi village of Basofan where the Turkish occupation built two mosques and in the Yazidi village of Qastal Jendo, a mosque was built, and the remaining residents were forced to attend the legitimate lessons. Also in the two Yazidi villages of Burj Haydar and Ghazawi, the same violations were practiced. As for the other Yezidi villages, they settled immigrants from the Syrian interior as they turned their homes to mosques and others too departments for teaching Sharia, and distributed their properties as spoils to the families of their elements.

Moreover, their holy sites and shrines that numbered 15 cemeteries and temples were destroyed. They also seized the lands and trees of the citizens in those villages, and referred to the houses of the Yazidis' possessions as of blasphemers, which were seized and robbed to the armed elements, as happened in the villages of Basofan, Qatmah, Qastal, Burj Haydar and Bafloun, in addition to destroying the Prophet Zeredesht Status, Lach Dome and the Yazidi Union HQ in the city.

The Turkish occupier also transformed the largest shrine of the Yazidis in Barakat Mount into a military observation post. They removed all Yazidi symbols, painted the place with Islamic and other Turkish national colors.

The Turkish-backed Euphrates Shields mercenaries settled immigrants from the Syrian interior in the villages of Qatmah and Ala Qinoh after the Yazidis were expelled from them, and abducted 20 Yazidis from the villages of Basofan and Baflon to their detention centers in Janders district. Dozens of Yazidi civilians from the villages of Qibar, Basofan, Qastal Jendo and Burj Haydar were kidnapped and transported to Mare and Azaz prisons, and they were tortured to demand ransom from their families.

In addition, dozens of cases of murdering and kidnapping were recorded for ransom due to their Yazidi religion, among them the citizen Abdo Hamo was killed at his home in Qibar village, and then his father was kidnapped, tortured and ransacked on 1-4-2018. The civilian Omer Memo Shemo from the same village was also killed because he refused to pronounce the Islamic testimony in addition to the mockery of the militants of Turkey at him and his religion.

Breaking the crosses, choking the bells and forcibly displacing the Afrin Christians ...

Many Christian families have been displaced to Aleppo since 2012 because of the repeated attacks by mercenaries supported by Turkey and in the result of the siege imposed by the latter on Afrin residents from three sides as only 250 families remained in the city and its districts during the Turkish attack on 20-1 2018.

During the attacks, the Turkish warplanes committed a massacre against an Armenian family in Rajo district on 23-1-2018, in which the mother and son were killed, the daughter lost her leg along with many injuries in her body by shrapnel of the bombardment.

Furthermore, 250 Christian families were displaced due to the intensive bombardment and the mercenaries' threats to slaughter the blasphemers, in addition to destroying the graves and churches in the city. The Turkish warplanes also bombed the archaeological site of Barad that included the grave of the St. Maron and the Church of Julianus, one of the most ancient churches in the world. The bombardment inflicted vast damage to the historical churches, monasteries, temples and tombs belonging to the Roman era.

The mercenaries of al-Sultan Morad and elements of the so-called Jaish al-Sharqiyya shared the holdings of the Church of the Good Shepherd and its buildings among themselves after the fighting and the destruction inflicted to its landmarks and holy sites, and everything related to the Christians there.

The Alawites in Afrin.. There is no place for them as the Yazidis and the Christians in a place that the Turkish army and its mercenaries put in place

Al-Alawites are also considered of the main components of Afrin, whose number is about 15,000 people concentrated in Mobata district, some of whom are native inhabitants of Afrin and others escaped from the Ottoman authorities' violations at the time or fled their massacres in Dêrsim and other cities of Bakur as they have many cemeteries in Afrin city and its countryside, the most important of which are "Yagmur Dada, Aslan Dada, Ali Dada, Maryam Dadah, Sultan Berboush Shrine, Sheikh Hamo, Sheikh Ma'am."

In the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries' attack under the name of the "Olive Branch," the warplanes and artillery targeted many of these places and shrines. The Yagmur Dada Shrine in Mobata was destroyed. Ahrar al-Sharqiyya mercenaries also vandalized and destroyed the Av Ghira Shrine in the center of Mobata district in search of gold and antiquities.

Now, there is no Alawites, Yazidis, or Christians in Afrin, except for the kidnapped and the imprisoned for demanding the ransom from their parents. Their properties were expropriated and their sanctities were destroyed in addition to the resettlement of displaced persons and armed families of foreign mercenaries under the Turkish supervision to turn Afrin city characterized by diversity and beauty of nature to blackness and square for looting, murdering, torturing with an extremist, salafist and Turkish feature alien to the region.


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