NE Syria's components: We must defend our region cooperation with military forces

The multi-ethic Tal Tamer town's Arabs, Assyria and Kurds stressed that the components' solidarity played a key factor in the gains of the northeast Syria, and indicated that this requires strengthening the regions unity

NES's components have adapted the third line, that is of self-defense since the outbreak of the 2011 popular protests. The region solidarity, unity, and their fight against the enemies of the region.

The NES components made a lot of gains at all levels, but the hostile parties, above all, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, are trying by various means to undermine those gains.

With the continuation of the Turkish occupation amid the international silence, the components confirm that thwarting the conspiracies requires unity.

Zainab Ayyo, a Kurd from the Tal Tamr region, said, "Since the beginning of the revolution in Syria, and specifically in northeast Syria, the components have joined forces to defend their rights."

'The democratic nation ideology blocked strife'

Ayyo added," components' unity enabled them to achieve many gains at all levels, especially at the military one, where they liberated the region from the terrorism, thanks to blood of the martyrs from multi components whose blood was mixed on the fighting fronts."

Ayyo noted that the Democratic Nation ideology, empowered the region spectra to cut the way before the civil war by the hostile parties to the experience of the region."

Commenting about the way of keeping these gains, she said;" we have to encounter the occupation and the parties that keep us the harm towards our democratic thought, we have also to be behind our military forces for liberating the occupied regions and preserving the gains on the basis od the peoples' fraternity."

For his part, Alaa Al-Zahir, an Arab, said, "To face the conspiracy against our regions, we must stand together. Our solidarity is the real revolution."

"Many parties seeks by various means to destabilize our region, so we must join hands to achieve the goals of the revolution," al-Zahir said.

'The occupation targets indiscriminately all components'

At the end of his speech, he noted that the Turkish occupation and its affiliated Syrian opposition mercenaries target our region indiscriminately to expand its influence and displace its people, "so we have to come together to deter all plots."

In the same context, Daoud Talia, of the Assyrian component in Tal Tamr, said, "Since the beginning of the terrorist attacks on our areas, especially in the Tal Tamr region, we have supported our military forces, and we were able to protect it ."

Support for the military forces

He added, "We held the responsibility with the military forces for protecting the region from terrorist attacks."

Talia called the components of northeast Syria to join hands behind the military forces in order to protect the region from the Turkish occupation, "the fact that the occupier does not distinguish between the components and aims at destroying the region."


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