Nayazi Hamid: Turkey aims to settle Idlib's mercenaries in Başûr Kurdistan

Nayazi Hamid said that the Turkish state organizes informers and sets up groups in Başûr (South Kurdistan), and he said that the Turkish campaign in the areas of Başûr Kurdistan aims to empty the area to concentrate the mercenaries located in the province of Idlib there, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party supports Turkey's occupying policy."

Since September 27, the Turkish occupation army has launched attacks on Shakif and the Martyr Darwish Squares in Khakurk area in Başûr Kurdistan under the name of "Benje." The Turkish occupation brought heavy weapons and aircrafts to the area and sent thousands of troops there. The Turkish state has launched 30 military operations against the area since 1983 and caused considerable damage to the region. So far, the Iraqi government has not taken a firm stand on the attacks.

The political expert and specialist in the Middle East, Nayazi Hamid, a resident from Başûr Kurdistan, talked to Hawar news agency (ANHA) about the developments happening in the area.

Turkey believes that crises are resolved through war

Hamid said that the attack began after a meeting held with the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and the near re-elections of Istanbul on the 23 of this month, and added, "Ocalan's message was the peace in the Middle East and Turkey, but the Turkish state confirms that it stands against peace and stability through its attacks on Başûr Kurdistan. They want to make gains in the elections. When the Turkish state is living an economic crisis and a political decline, which it is living now, it sees the solution in the war."

They want to settle Idlib's mercenaries in Başûr

Hamid pointed out that there were concerns about the status of Başûr Kurdistan, adding, "The Turkish state is attacking Başûr with its sophisticated weapons, and making a chaos in the region through its intelligence. In Hewler, the Turkish intelligence has tightened its grip, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party implements all its demands, and it helps it to occupy Başûr, The Turkish state wants to settle the mercenaries of Idlib in Başûr Kurdistan."

They organize informers and groups in Başûr

And added, "The Kurdistan Democratic Party is helping to establish intelligence groups for the Turkish state, and we see the example in Hewler. The Turkish state has established a small government of Asayish and intelligence in its consulate in Hewler, and this government decides the intelligence works in the region. The Kurdistan Democratic Party is here without any will. The Kurdistan Democratic Party established terrorist groups in the areas between the Turkish occupation soldiers and the Guerilla fighters. As there are Villages' Protectors in Turkey, we see the same in Başûr as well, and each person receives $ 100-200 a month."

What happened in Afrin is repeated in Başûr?

Hamid pointed out that the Turkish state wanted to change the demographics of Başûr Kurdistan as it was doing in Afrin, but in a different way. He added, "What happened in Afrin is about the intelligence system in Başûr Kurdistan. After the Şêladizê uprising, the Turkish state has tried to carry out bigger plots, but the resistance of the Guerilla and the people against Turkish state plans foiled that. The Turkish state has established about 1,000 points in the areas of Amediya and Şêladizê."

The Kurdistan Democratic Party with its assistance to the Turkish state turns into a terrorist party

Nayazi Hamid said that the Turkish state wanted to concentrate the mercenaries of Idlib in Başûr Kurdistan, "Kurdistan Democratic Party is helping this; thus, the party has become a terrorist party and has become part of the Turkish intelligence and part of the occupation of Kurdistan. Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party aim to empty the region of Bradost, and the force that is resisting there is the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). "



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