NATO stands behind Middle East crises

Institutional directors in Al-Hasakah explained that capitalist countries are tightening isolation on the leader Ocalan as he represents the culture of the Middle East, noting that NATO stands behind these violations to prolong the outstanding crises in region.

The Turkish authorities continue to impose isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali prison, in an attempt by Turkey to keep him away from resolving crises and deepening them by tightening isolation, especially after the leader made it clear that he can solve the outstanding crises in the Middle East.

The leader has stated several times that he can solve many outstanding issues in the Middle East, something that the West and Turkey abhor, because they benefit from the differences that occur in the region.

The Turkish authorities and capitalist states also benefit from the restriction of the leader Abdullah Ocalan's thought that oppose their agendas which have role in deepening crises in line with their expansionist policies.

Many politicians and intellectuals emphasize that Ocalan's solutions to issues in the region is not in line with the interests of racist authorities and regimes that seek to prevent spreading awareness, so they agreed to block Ocalan's thought.

The administrator at the Democratic Society Academics in Al-Hasakah canton, Aziz Ali, explained that "all the capitalist states worked to arrest Ocalan, because he represents the culture of the Middle East, so that they can control the Middle East according to their interests.

" Ocalan's thought has been applied in northeast of Syria through Peoples Brotherhood project and the autonomous administration, and this is what the capitalist countries see above all Turkey as an obstacle to their expansionist plans, so it continues to impose isolation on Ocalan.

Ali says, "Turkey carries out all violations and massacres against all parts of Kurdistan on behalf of NATO."

Ali noted that the peoples of the region are required to stand together in order to break the isolation on Ocalan and live together in a free homeland.

For his part, Farhan Daoud, the Co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement in the city of Al-Hasakah, stated that "the aim of the Turkish state of violations is the extermination of the Kurdish people."

Daoud added, "Turkey is tightening isolation on the one hand, and committing many crimes and violations against the peoples of the region and with a green light from America and Russia on the other."

Daoud said that it is the duty of the Arab countries to stand with the Kurdish people in the face of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, "because Turkey is occupying and violating the rights of all countries and peoples and not only the Kurdish people."



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