NATO meets at the request of Turkey, but not under Article 5

NATO is meeting today at Turkey's request for consultations on the killing of its soldiers in Idlib, but that does not meet Turkey's ambition as the consultations will be under the fourth article and not the fifth.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the alliance, which includes ambassadors of all 29 NATO allies, will meet today, Friday, February 28, at the request of Turkey for consultations under Article 4 of the Washington Constituent Treaty of NATO on the situation in Syria.

But this apparently does not fulfill Ankara's ambition, as under Article 4 of the treaty any ally can request consultations if it is exposed to regional threats to the safety of its security, or is at risk to its political independence.

As for the fifth item, according to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that was signed in Washington in April 1949, known as the "Washington Treaty", it stipulates that attacking any country in the alliance represents an attack on all member states, and other countries must help them in dealing with attacks.

A diplomatic source in NATO said earlier that NATO countries will not support the implementation of the fifth item of its treaty, in support of Turkey in Idlib, after the killing of its soldiers there.

The diplomat considered that the killing of Turkish soldiers was "tragic", but it occurred during a unilateral military move on foreign lands, which exceeds the determinants of Article 5 of the NATO Treaty, which requires collective action to protect any member subject to attack.

Turkey recognized 33 of its soldiers were killed in the air strikes on Idlib, on Thursday, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the number of dead was 34.


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