Nations whose land have not been watered with martyrs' bloods, it is easy to surrender

The Democratic Union Party PYD renewed its covenant to continue the path of martyrs, alluding the people whose land had not been watered with martyrs' bloods, it would be easy to undermine their will and surrender, stressing that the foes deliberate to destroy martyrs' shrines that renew the memory of peoples.

May 18 marks each year the Martyrs 'Day, which is one of the days that carries meanings of revolutionary spirit and sanctification among the Kurdish people, where the month of May is known throughout Kurdistan as Martyrs Day or Martyrs' Day.

On this occasion, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) today issued a statement to the public opinion, in which it said that when nations and nations remember their martyrs, they thus renew the pledge to them to follow their path in adhering to the values ​​they defended and martyred for.

The statement came:

"Since the emergence of power and the spread of violence and exploitation in human society, it appeared who defended the right and justice, and when things came to the exploitation and colonization of societies and nations, it appeared from their sons who defended their values ​​and interests, and the nations that did not find among their sons who defend their values ​​and existence, either disappeared or remained humiliated. In a forest dominated by the forces of domination and exploitation.

Our society now passes in the month of May, in which great women and great men were martyred who defended their societies, their humanity and the dignity of humanity. Every day of the month of May witnessed epics and historical citations, this month earned the attribute of the month of martyrs with great merit, most notably the martyrdom of Comrade Hakki Qarar whose martyrdom led to the founding of the Freedom Movement Contemporary Kurdistan, which in turn managed to change the course of history in the Middle East in general, not to mention the martyrdom of an elite group of leaders and intellectuals at the hands of the Ottomans in the early twentieth century in defense of the peoples of Syria and Lebanon, and hundreds of martyrs who walked the path of these people.

The foes of the peoples are seeking to remove martyrs' shrines, which renew their memories

 It was also mentioned in the statement, "When peoples and nations commemorate their martyrs, they thereby renew the covenant for them to follow their path in adhering to the values ​​they defended and martyred for, and for this the enemies of the people eliminate everything related to the martyrs to the point of removing their shrines that renew the memory of peoples and nations and send them The spirit of adhering to its dignity and values, and the most prominent example of this is what Turkish fascism is doing in our day, the Sheikh Saeed al-Birani’s shrine is unknown, as is the shrine of Sayed Reda, and the first thing , after having occupied Afrin went to the Nuri Dersam shrine, just as it destroyed all the shrines of martyrs wherever they reached out In Afrin, Girê Spî, Serêkaniyê and all the martyrs' shrines in north Kurdistan, because they fear the martyrs more than the living."


People whose lands had not been watered with martyrs' bloods, it is easy to occupy it

The Democratic Union Party renewed its covenant to follow the path of the martyrs, and concluded its statement, "We in the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are well aware that the peoples who had not watered their lands with the blood of their martyrs, and have not mad a lot of sacrifices for their dignity from the blood of their children, are easy to occupy  and surrender to the rapists and accept humiliation, and on the occasion of the Martyrs' Day and a month The martyrs renew our pledge to the martyrs of our people and the peoples of the region that we will not abandon the dignity and martyrs they have been martyred for and the achievement of the democratic nation that guarantees freedom, equality and coexistence for all the peoples of the region.

- The martyrs are immortal and flame illuminate the path of freedom and dignity. "



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