​​​​​​​National Unity Parties: Astana's outputs reflect participating countries' interests of seeking to deepen crisis

The Kurdish National Unity Parties described the outputs of the sixth Astana summit statement as fully expressing the interests and agenda of the participating countries, especially the Turkish and Iranian regimes that use all their political and military weight to eliminate any glimmer of hope leading to the liberation of the Syrian people in general and the Kurdish people in particular,

calling on the people with all societal and political strength to be ready to face and foil these conspiracies.

This came through a statement issued by the Kurdish National Unity Parties in Syria in response to the outputs of the Astana sixth summit, and said in the statement:

"Since the beginning of the mass movement that erupted in Syria which came in response to the political, economic, social, democratic, and national practices of the regime, states, especially the regional ones have interfered in fear of Syria becoming a democratic state that embraces all of its people and meets the rights of all components of the Syrian people, especially the liberation issue of our Kurdish people who oppose all these practices by successive regimes that have ruled Syria since the middle of the last century.

What further increased the insistence of the Turkish and Iranian fascist regimes in direct military intervention in the Syrian issue and the perpetration of the most heinous atrocities against its people and their capabilities is their full awareness of the ability of our Kurdish people and political forces, as they were historically organized and opposed to the systematic practices of the regime excluding them from the political life, and applying the racist and chauvinistic unfair actions against them.

Not being dragged behind the desired goals and objectives of these countries and its dependence on the self-ability to bring about a radical and comprehensive national change, our people and revolutionary political and military forces managed to maintain the national unity in their areas, attract all components of the people in the project of Democratic Autonomous Administration, and fight against all fascist forces such as ISIS, al-Nusra, the Turkish occupation army and its sectarian terrorist groups.

More than once, the project of the democratic solution to the intractable Syrian crisis was proposed, in addition to holding tens of seminars and political gatherings in order to end this humanitarian catastrophe that has befallen Syria, and pushing towards a process of political solution that is considered the only option for building a democratic and decentralized Syria in which the rights of all components of its people are preserved.

As soon as signs of understanding and agreement emerged between the Kurdish National Unity Parties and the Kurdish National Council Parties in response to the requirements of the stage and its challenges, the Turkish fascist regime expressed its rejection of any internal Kurdish rapprochement and began to promote conspiratorial political concepts and terms that are far from the goals, behavior, and struggle of the Kurdish political movement by pressing Astana which has become responsive to the Turkish demands at the expense of the goals of the Syrian people who are eager for freedom, democracy and political and economic independence.

The outputs of Astana sixth summit statement that took place on the first of July of 2020 are categorical evidence of the efforts of these countries and their impact on the Syrian internal affairs and all international forums in order to abort all efforts aimed at eliminating all the causes of the deep crisis that the country is witnessing and building the modern Syria, expressing the interests and agenda of these countries, especially the Turkish and Iranian regimes that use all their influential political and military weight in the region to eliminate any glimmer of hope leading to the liberation of the Syrian people in general and the Kurdish people in particular from the clutches of these authoritarian and corrupt regimes.

Therefore, we call upon our people and all its political and social forces to be ready to confront these conspiracies and thwart them with more unity and cohesion.

We also appeal to all the Syrian democratic national forces and all international organizations to advocate for the cause of our people being a Syrian national issue, expose the misleading methods of these regimes,  circumvent the UN Security Council Resolution 2254 which recognizes the representation of all opposition in a political body without excluding any of them, reject these countries' attempts to form an opposition body and a constitutional committee achieving its goals bearing the same authoritarian regime project, in addition to returning Syria to before the outbreak of the crisis.

Victory to the cause of the Syrian people, with all its components

Death  theto fascist and dictatorial regimes."


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