National Defence mercenaries no longer present in Tayy Quarter

The Internal Security Forces have cleared the Tayy Quarter in the city of Qamishlo of the National Defence mercenaries after violent clashes after midnight.

Yesterday the announced ceasefire was breached by the mercenary group of the Syrian Government that led to clashes between the National Defence mercenaries and the Internal Security Forces after which the quarter was cleared completely from the mercenaries except for the Abbas Alawi School that has been turned into a security  base for the Syrian Government as well all streets surrounding the Water Tower.   

The Security Area remaining in the quarter lies in the southern part of the quarter housing military and security associations close to the Tayy Circle and the Zinud Quarter with 145 wideness and 325 length. 

Worth to that on April 20th mercenaries of the National Defence Forces launched an attack on a check point held by the Internal Security Forces on the Wehde Street that led to the martyrdom of a member leading to clashes between the two sides.



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