National Alliance: Buffer Zone is Turkey's pretext to expand occupation

The member of the National Democratic Alliance of Syria, Mona al-Khalaf, stressed that the Turkish state proposes the idea of establishing a " buffer Zone " under its supervision in the north and east of Syria to expand its occupation of the region.

"The Turkish state is one of the most countries which has complicated the Syrian issues, which since the beginning of the crisis in Syria has had a negative role by opening its borders to pass terrorists and extremists to cross into Syria," she said

"As residents of the north and east of Syria, we live in a state of security and stability compared to the rest of Syria, our main goal is to live together as brothers ." she said

As for Turkey's " buffer Zone ", she pointed out that the Turkish government of AKP raises the issue of establishing the " buffer Zone " and demands that it be under its supervision "in order to destabilize the security and stability of the north and east of Syria, which was supported by Turkey and mercenary groups

She stressed that Turkey is using the establishment of the " buffer Zone " as a pretext to achieve its ambitions to expand its occupation in all Syrian territory and areas of north and east of Syria in particular.



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