Nasruddin Ibrahim: regime, Turkey meeting is a new step for bargaining at the expense of the Syrian people

A Kurdish leader in northern and eastern Syria affirmed that the solution in Syria will come only through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and not the opposite: bargaining and dialogue with the occupying parties to the Syrian territories, and described the recent security meeting between the Syrian regime and Turkey as a new step in bargaining at the expense of the Syrian people.

On Monday, a security meeting between Turkey and Syria, sponsored by Russia, was held in the Russian capital, Moscow, bringing together Turkish security and intelligence institutions and others affiliated with the Syrian regime, for the first time in public after the hidden coordination between the two parties in the Syrian crisis.

On the vision of the Kurdish political parties in northern and eastern Syria about the security meeting that took place between the Turkish intelligence and the Syrian regime in Moscow, Hawar Agency correspondent met the secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria Nasruddin Ibrahim.

Nasruddin Ibrahim commented on the meeting: "The truth is that it is unfortunate that the regimes persecuting the Kurdish people and occupied Kurdistan are ready and can bargain for everything, except for the recognition of the legitimate Kurdish right on the land of its forefathers and fathers, and Moscow meetings held days ago come in this framework.

The security meeting came at a high level between the security and intelligence services of the Syrian and Turkish countries.

Ibrahim described the meeting as the new step of Syrian-Turkish bargaining at the expense of the Syrian people and its issues, saying: "Doubtlessly, these steps come within the framework of the bargaining that took place, and is carried out through Astana meetings and Sochi conferences, especially between" Syria, Iran, Turkey and Russia. "

On the extent of its impact on the Syrian crisis, Ibrahim pointed out that the path of bargaining will not lead to a solution that satisfies the Syrian people, and said: "This path will not lead to a long-term and sustainable solution to the Syrian crisis and the outstanding Syrian issues, including the Kurdish issue and its legitimate national rights, but rather deepens the crisis."

Ibrahim noted that it would have been better for the Syrian government engaging with representatives of the Syrian people, including representatives of the Kurdish people, to find a national solution to the existing Syrian crisis that has destroyed the country, calling on the Syrian patriots of their various national, political, cultural, linguistic and religious affiliations to go towards a general Syrian national conference to find a solution to the crisis or through the United Nations bodies in Geneva. "

"The talks included the possibility of working together against the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units in the east of the Euphrates," Reuters reported, according to a Turkish official.

Regarding the statements and reports circulated about the attempt to coordinate within the meeting against northern and eastern Syria, Ibrahim said: "What is happening today is in the context of pressure, and weakening the strength of the Syrian Democratic Council in its various institutions, including the Autonomous Administration, and its military forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, and the People's Protection Units, as the council adopts a democratic project that leads to recognition of the rights of all components capable of resolving the Syrian crisis, and its possession of military forces that were able to defeat and preserve terrorism from Syrian lands. "

The Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (Party) Nasruddin Ibrahim confirmed at the end, “The solution will only come through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and not the opposite, and that bargaining and dialogue with the occupied parties to the Syrian lands will not lead to a solution, and he said: "The path of denial and threat, bargaining and dialogue with the occupier, and avoiding dialogue with the Syrians, and dialogue with the occupying Turkey or other countries that are in the Syrian territories at the expense of the Syrian people, such as striking the Syrian Democratic Council and its military forces, will not lead to a solution to the Syrian crisis.



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