Narin Matini criticized some Kurdish parties' absence in KNK meeting

The head of the Kurdistan Future Movement criticized the Kurdish political parties and parties, which have absent from the expanded meeting called by the KNK-Rojava Committee, stressing the need to unite Kurdish parties and political blocs throughout Kurdistan and support the Kurdish military forces in the region and projects that guarantee Kurdish people's rights in the future.


In an interview with ANHA correspondent on the sidelines of the expanded meeting of political parties and blocs called by KNK-Rojava, which was held on Monday, Narin Matini criticized the political parties and blocs that have been absent from the expanded meeting aimed at finding a mechanism to form a common political reference all Kurdish political parties in Rojava.

At the beginning of her meeting, she criticized the parties and the Kurdish political parties, which were absent from the expanded meeting called by the National Congress Committee KNK-Rojava, and called on those parties to abandon partisan and personal interests, and commit to the interests of the Kurdish people, and said, "Unity of the Kurds is the demand of the people, the martyrs of this people and the demand of all Kurdish symbols and leaders in all parts of Kurdistan so they had to attend. "

She called on those parties and political parties that were absent from this meeting to attend future meetings so that the Kurdish political parties in Rojava can reach together a political vision, strategy and Kurdish projects that serve the interests of the Kurdish people. "In order to protect the rights of the Kurdish people, because the current stage requires cohesion in the face of schemes aimed at ending the Kurdish people, all those absent parties should attend Kurdish meetings and put forward their Kurdish vision, so we can preserve the Kurdish interest.

Matini noted, "Since then, the Kurdish people have been suffering from genocide and tyranny, especially against their Kurdish leaders at the hands of the enemies of the Kurdish people, who are exploiting the betrayal of some Kurdish political parties, through the exploitation of some of them, they attempt to maintain the Kurdish division, so we must not leave the opportunity for the enemy to exploit this weakness and strive to maintain unity."

Narin Matini concluded saying, "Today the Kurdish people are the strongest people through their military forces which succeeded in eliminating the largest terrorist organizations that posed a threat to the world. In addition, the Kurdish people today have political projects in which they can face international plans, so we must increase solidarity and cohesion around those military forces and political projects to protect our people from genocide and guarantee their rights in the future ".


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