Naissa: Astana is a stock exchange to share influence of countries at the expense of Syrian blood

Syrian opponent Ghiath Naissa confirmed that the Astana meetings are an exchange for sharing and arranging influence between the countries concerned at the expense of the blood of the Syrians, and he called on the Syrians to rely on self-reliance and the forces aspiring to freedom, which constitutes the basic Autonomous Administration experience.

Today begins the 14th round of the Astana meetings on Syria, after the failure of the so-called Constitutional Committee and the continued escalation on the Syrian territories, and in response to this, our Syrian opponent talked to (ANHA) agency, Ghiath Naissa.

Naissa touched upon during his speech, saying, "Astana's rounds come between what are known as guarantor countries (Russia, Turkey and Iran), every time to rearrange the understandings of these countries interfering in Syria, including resolving some of their disputes over the sharing of influence in our country."

"This round of Astana has its specificity, which is that it comes two months after the new Turkish invasion and its mercenaries, Syrian lands in north and east Syria in Autonomous Administration areas, as the goal of Erdogan's regime was to destroy the experience of AA, the Russian desire, as well as the Iranian, is moving away from it." Because, even if it wanted to weaken the experience of AA and the SDF, it does not wish Turkey to have more influence in Syria.

"Thus, the parties of Astana found their interests from the Turkish invasion, on the one hand, Turkey occupied an additional patch of lands that were under the control of SDF and AA, and on the other hand, Russia and the regime entered with them to areas that were empty of them."

Naissa asserted during his speech, "In any case, the main factor that prevented the Turkish aggression from achieving all its goals was, in my view, neither the American nor the Russian position, and certainly not the position of the regime, but the heroic resistance of the SDF and our people, which incurred the Turkish enemy and its mercenaries, caused heavy losses and prevented it from achieving his aggressive goals, this is the most important lesson that can be learned and relied upon. "

Regarding Turkey’s demographic change in the Syrian regions, Naissa sees, “I think what Erdogan means is the Turkish regime’s intention to establish a permanent demographic change in northern Syria at the expense of the historical presence of the Kurdish people, and the idea of the so-called pro-Turkish Arab belt is what Erdogan’s regime is working on, This means, if accomplished, a crime against humanity, because it is a crime of ethnic cleansing, and it will also be a motivation for more conflicts and civil war.

The Syrian opponent concluded, "It is required today, more than yesterday, that the Syrian Democratic Council SDC work to complete its project by holding a conference for the Syrian democratic forces, to be the real voice of the Syrians in shaping the future of their country and not Astana or the long film of the upcoming constitutional committee."



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