N, E Syria Lawyers Union in Kobani

The General Coordination of the Lawyers Associations held a meeting in the city of Kobani with the aim of establishing the Lawyers Union in northern and eastern Syria.

Under the theme "Together to advance the legal practice to achieve justice and build moral society", the General Coordination of Lawyers held a meeting in the city of Kobani for lawyers' unions in the Euphrates, Al-Jazeera, Manbij and al-Raqqa.

The meeting was attended by 50 lawyers from the Euphrates, Jazeera, Manbij and Raqqa regions. During the meeting, lawyer Berxwedan assessed the political situation, the Turkish occupation of Afrin, the liberation of the areas from Daesh mercenaries, the victories of Syrian Democratic Forces and the subject of dialogue between the Democratic Syrian Council and the regime.

A report was then read on the work of lawyers, ways to better performance of their duties and the rules of procedure of the Union, then, every lawyer introduced themselves.

Five lawyers were selected to manage the Lawyers Association's administration in the north and east of Syria, with its center the city of Kobani. They are: Rawda Mulla Khalil, Ahlam Saleh, Ahmed Hajji, Badrakhan Ati, Ali Raka.


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