N, E regions of Syria overwhelmed by March 8th events

A day before March 8, International Women's Day, the regions of northern and eastern Syria are witnessing various events to commemorate the day.



Under the slogan "Supporting women is a vital necessity for the building of a free society," the Women's Bureau of the Future Syria Party (FSP)opened an exhibition on the occasion of the International Women's Day.

The exhibition, which was held at the al-Khabour restaurant in al-Hasakah city, was attended by Hassan Hamdan and nine of his students, in addition to the exhibition of some other artists' collections.

The exhibition also included paintings depicting the reality of Kurdish, Arab and Syriac women through different stages and times.

"Women in northern Syria have made a lot of sacrifices," Suad Khalo an administrator in the FSP said. "As a mother, wife or fighter, the Syrian woman was subjected to a lot of injustice but she fought hard to deal with the injustice that was inflicted on her."

During the exhibition, a statement was read by a member of the Future Syria Party in al Hasakah, Najah al-Issa, explained that "with the coming of March 8th, International Women's Day, we commemorate all the martyrs who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom, justice and equality."

"Women in all parts of the world continue to suffer persecution at all levels, marginalizing the role, and many societies have not given women their role and right to live in dignity." She added.

Najah noted violence against women, "living below the poverty line, lack of insurance, health and labor, illiteracy and ignorance, living under outdated customs and traditions."


The Women's Bureau of the Future Syria Party held handicrafts exhibition on the occasion of International Women's Day at the party's headquarters in the second district of the city.

The exhibition, which was mostly folkloric where walls and floors were decorated with some antiques, paintings and handicrafts made by the hands of women belonging to the Future Syria Party.

The women participating in the exhibition were also distinguished by their traditional dress, which reflects the customs and traditions of al-Tabqa.

Before the opening of the exhibition, the deputy head of the FSP Women's Organization office in al-Tabqa Lina Ghadhban talked about the most prominent types of violence and exclusion that women have suffered during the past eras, whether their right to the management and protection of society, which was predominated by the masculine mindset ending in men's power at home.

After that, the attendees walked through the exhibition hall to see the handicrafts.


The FSP Women's Bureau of the Afrin and al-Shahba branches organized a meeting where traditional artifacts were presented and a short film in the Culture and Art Center in Fafin district of al-Shahba district.

At the meeting, the chairwoman of the Women's Bureau of the Future Party of Syria, Ghada Kur Ahmed, and the member of the Youth Committee of the Future Syria Party of Afrin Zakia Haji, and the member of the Future Syria Party in Afrin Zaidah Mamo delivered speeches.

The speeches congratulated the International Women's Day to all women and prisoners at the fascist prisons, assuring the freedom of women means freedom of society, and all these victories come thanks to the thought and philosophy of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan.

Then the traditional tools and artifacts of the Kurdish people, which were made by women, were displayed. Thus, TV screens were shown to illustrate the demonstrations of women in the past years.

Then a member of the Youth Committee of the Future Syria Party Esraa Ibrahim, read a poem glorifying the resistance of women, followed by a play.


During a ceremony held at the Dicle Center for Culture and Art, the Women's Bureau of the People's Assembly in Dêrik distributed gifts to the children of the martyrs in a series of events held on the occasion of the International Women's Day.

In the ceremony, the wife of the martyr Rewshen Rashid delivered a speech in which World Women's Day was celebrated for all women, especially the activist Leila Guven, going on hunger strike for 120 days, demanding the lifting of the isolation from Ocalan.

"We must step up the struggle and follow the path of our martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the people," she said.

For her part, the co-chair of the People's Municipality of Dêrik Rojin Jato spoke on this day to all the women in the world and to the women who fought on the fronts against mercenary groups.

After the words were finished, the Martyr Zilan band for Folklore presented a folkloric show of the Kurdish Dabka. In the end, gifts were distributed to the children of the martyrs amid the slogans that glorify martyrs.



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