Mutual shelling in the de-escalation zone

Syrian Government Forces have targeted with more than 130 rocket and artillery missiles 10 villages and towns within the scope of the so-called ''De-escalation Zone'', on which Turkish affiliated mercenaries reacted with equivalent shelling. 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR, reported that separate areas in southern Idlib underwent mutual intense rocket shelling between the Syrian Government Forces and mercenaries affiliated to Turkish Occupation Army.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR, at least 130 artillery and rocket missiles were launched by Syrian Government Forces on areas of Sifuhen, abainin, al-Rami, Mashun, Balshun, al-Barra, Ibline, al-Fatira, Kinsafra and Baliun in southern Idlib, with no information on human losses.

In a related context, a pro Turkey mercenary was killed by a Syrian sniper in southern Idlib.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR, documented killing of an element of the Syrian Government Forces on the axis of Mount Turkmen in northern rural Lattakia, and another was killed on the axis of Hirish Kafr Nubul in southern rural Idlib.



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