Mutual shelling between government forces and Turkish mercenaries in Idlib

The “de-escalation” areas are witnessing a mutual shelling between Syrian government forces and mercenaries supported by Turkey, in conjunction with the regime's bringing in forces to Idlib countryside.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that, on Tuesday afternoon, Syrian government forces launched rockets at areas in the town of Al-Fateera in the southern Idlib countryside.

The observatory confirmed the arrival of military reinforcements of the Syrian government forces to the axes of Idlib countryside, where the Syrian government brought convoys to the axes of Jabal Zawiya and the southern Idlib countryside, while the Lebanese Hezbollah transferred its forces from the countryside of Aleppo to the Saraqib axis.

In the same context, the Turkish-backed mercenaries targeted an excavator of the government forces on the axis of the town of Hazarain, south of Idlib, while the government forces shelled several shells of the Kabana axis in the Lattakia countryside and the related roads in the western countryside of Idlib.

It is reported that on March 5, the Turkish and Russian presidents reached a ceasefire and patrolling the M4 road, which failed within days due to terrorist threats, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.


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