Mutual attacks between Huthi forces, Yemeni army

The Yemeni army, with the support of the Arab Alliance, carried out attacks on the positions of al- Huthi forces in Hodeidah, while al-Huthi forces announced that they had repulsed an attack in the Directorate of Tahita.

A Yemeni military source told Sputnik that the Yemeni army carried out an attack on the positions of the forces of Ansar Allah al-Houthi in al-Jabailah area in the Directorate of Tahita south of Hodeidah.

According to the source, "the army was able during the attack to control the positions in al-Jabailah area and secure the coastline attempts by Ansar Allah."

He pointed out that the army thwarted an attack by "Ansar Allah" with heavy artillery cover on the town of Hays south-east of Hodeidah, from the north and south axis, and said that one of the shells fell on a displaced family in Hayes, resulted in the killing three members.

In a related context, al-Masirah channel, a spokesman for Ansar Allah al-Houthi, said that their forces repulsed the march of Arab coalition forces and the Yemeni army in al-Jabailah area of the Directorate of Tahita, which left behind killed and wounded in their ranks.

The Yemeni army also launched a qualitative operation on Huthi sites in Winan, northwest of Maris, in the Directorate of Qataba, north of the province of Dali.

The media center of the Yemeni army's elite brigades said their forces had inflicted dozens of dead and wounded on the ranks of the Huthis who were unable to "pull the bodies of their dead."

The Yemeni army also announced its control of the Dweir and Qaseba strategic positions in the front lines in Maris north of Dali, following a 24-hour operation that killed and wounded Houthis, including a field commander.

Houthi forces also launched a homemade rocket of the type of "Zilzal 1", a range of 3 kilometers and the last "Grad" on the Yemeni military and Sudanese forces within the forces participating in the Arab alliance led by Saudi Arabia, north of the desert of the Directorate of Midi, north-west of Heja.



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