​​​​​​​Mustafa HanifI: KNC has to review itself

Member of the political Bureau of the  Kurdish Democratic Progressing Party, Mustafa Hanif said that the Kurdish National Council ( KNC ) has to review itself, that came in a comment on the meeting between the delegation of KNC with the foreign Minster of Turkey, Mavlut Cavusoglu.

The Kurdish unity is fluctuated on intense, due to the manipulation of some parties and forces on the line of the foreign interventions agendas,  these parties that look for their interests on the expense of the unity efforts of the Kurdish ranks.

At a time that calls resonate for the Kurdish National unity and the provided facilities by the Autonomous Administration for the Kurdish parties, a KNC delegation met the foreign minister of Turkey, Mevlut Causoglu, on February 9th, this caused various reaction in the Kurdish street.

Member of the political Office of the  Kurdish Democratic Progressing Party, Mustafa Hanif said that " the Kurdish National Council ( KNC ) has to review itself and the inside parties should overcome  obstacles and think in an aware way that came in a comment."


"  "We have sought from the beginning to organize the Kurdish home since 2015. We are trying to overcome obstacles  to this day because there is a great danger on the Kurdish presence, for example Afrin, Seri Kania and Gire Spi. So we regret to achieve this goal," Mustafa Hanifi told Hawar News Agency. "We can only remove the threat by unity."

He hoped that the visit to Ankara will not be an obstacle among the Kurdish parties' because Kurds can make a deal and overcome the mistakes by awareness."

The Kurdish politician anticipated that the visit is an attempt for putting pressure on PYD for some gains."

 "The Kurdish parties do not have a unitary project yet.  We hope that there will be ones and agree on them," he said.

Regarding the efforts of making understandings with the Syrian regime, he said" Russians seek to make political and military deal between the regime and the Autonomous Administration, opening the dialogue doors  and pressuring Damascus and the parties that went there for dialogue to pave the way for the inner and out parties to make dialogue.

"The goal is not only dialogue with Damascus, but there must be a Kurdish political consensus  ," he said.

Mustafa Hanifi,  appealed to Kurdish parties to look at what happened in Gire Spi , Seri Kania and Afrin, "Let's try to protect what remains in our hands from the gains of this people, most of the countries in the region, including some Arab countries, Turkey and Iran do not accept the Kurdish people rights, so most of these countries aim to create strife and division between Kurdish political forces."

Mustafa Hanifi called on the Kurdish parties to take lessons from Afrin; he explained that Turkey did not discriminate in Afrin between .

  He ended by calling on the Kurdish unity in order to spare the Kurdish people more tragedies and obtain their national rights in Syria.



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