Muslim :which known Syrian national army are copying ISIS  crimes

The co-president of the democratic society academy in Euphrates district  Shervan Muslim said that the mercenaries groups which related to the Turkish occupation army are copying ISIS crimes in the region against civilians stressing on the necessary of the international community to sentencing them

The groups that named itself the Syrian national army violence against civilians reached the level of crime war after  representation the bodies of the civilian and fighters and forcibly displaced thousands of families and took over their properties

In this context The co-president of the democratic society academy in Euphrates district Shervan Muslim is saying that the war should not hurt the civilians adding what ISIS had done  through its controlling the region like murdering and  torturing now the groups of the Turkish –baked national army are doing the same.

And refer that this groups are committing war crimes against civilians who are the son s of this region stressing on the necessary of moving of west and Arab countries to stop the violence that happening on the ground in north Syria with Turkish support.

And confirmed the necessary that turkey should be sentenced on the supporting such groups directly because what it committed  and their danger on the future of the area.

Since the Turkish attack on North and East Syria on 9th of last October the mercenaries of what is called FSNA which follow turkey killed the secretary of Syrian Future Party also they represented the body of YPJ fighter Amara beside field executions against civilians and looting in the occupied areas.



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