Muslem: Turkey sees every Kurd as terrorist if opposed it

Saleh Muslem said that the Turkish state was founded on the rubble of the peoples that it exterminated such as Armenians, Syriacs and Romans, but it could not eliminate the Kurds despite the massacres it committed. In the Syrian revolution, it directed its mercenaries towards them and prevented the opposition from recognizing them and it came to occupy their land directly. It suffers from the Kurdish phobia and sees every Kurd as a terrorist if does not stand with it against the Kurdistan Worker


In an opinion article on the Middle East, the spokesman of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Saleh Muslem said that the Kurds in Syria have been in direct conflict with the regime since the uprising of Qamishlo in 2004 demanding some of their democratic rights. When the Syrian revolution began, the Kurdish people stand with it and called for a free and democratic Syria, in which they might get their legitimate rights. At the time, we did not know that the course of the whole revolution would change and the Kurdish Cause would become a major obstacle to the Syrian solution.

Turkey wanted power to be in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood

Saleh Muslem pointed out that Turkey, which had its own plans on Syria, wanted power in Syria to be in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. This was stated by the former Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu when he met with Bashar al-Assad at the beginning of the crisis. When the Syrian president refused the matter, Turkey turned its politicians, militants and even all non-governmental and relief organizations into a house for the Syrian opposition. They opened training centers and outlets to provide them with weapons and all military necessities, and stipulated that they must not deal with the Syrian Kurds.

Turkey prevents opposition from recognizing Kurds

Muslem noted that initially, Turkey tried to direct the associated factions with it such as "Jabhet al-Nusra" and "Alwiyet al-Tewhid" and "al-Dero al-Ekhwaniya" to the Kurds who were resisting violently. And then, tried to annex the Kurds to the armed and political opposition. The Kurds demanded that the opposition recognize the Kurdish presence and that the solution of the Kurdish Cause must be part of their future program in the establishment of a democratic Syria, but the opposition which was ordered by Turkey rejected that.

Turkey occupied Afrin with trade-offs lacking political and humanitarian ethics

Saleh Muslem stressed that the Global Coalition to fight terrorism, stood by the Kurds in the fight against IS until all the occupied territories were liberated. Turkey had to intervene directly, instead of affiliated factions, occupied northern Syria, and then occupied Afrin in trade-offs that lacked the lowest standards of morality  politically or humanitarian, in order to pass its policies and make a demographic change to end the Kurdish presence.

Turkish quest to keep the Kurds away from the political solution in Syria

The former joint president of the Democratic Union Party who had previously visited Turkey and met with its officials pointed out that Turkey has made political efforts to remove the Kurds from any effort seeking a political solution to Syria for fear that the Kurds will get some of their legitimate rights. The Kurds and their allies were excluded from the dialogues of Geneva, Astana and Sochi, and every door of our ways in international forums and found it closed in our face because of Turkey's blackmail of all parties interested in the Syrian issue.

Turkey is infected with the Kurdish phobia

"Now the Turks say: In northern Syria, we will not commit the mistake we committed in northern Iraq in 1992. That is, they will correct the mistake when they find a way to that." Since 1984, Turkey has been practicing all kinds of repression, so that it has been hit by Kurdish "phobia" and sees every Kurdish who demands their legitimate rights wherever he belongs to the PKK must be eliminated, that is, all the Kurds are terrorists except the Kurdish who is fighting the PKK alongside Turkey.

'The solution is through Turkey's reconciliation with the Kurds inside Turkey'

Saleh said, "Basing on this fact, whoever wants or seeks a political solution in Syria should strive to solve this problem with the Turkish state first, and this is possible only if the Turkish state reconciles with its Kurds inside Turkey."



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