​​​​​​​Muslem: Isolating leader is isolation of democratic thought

The professor and specialist in sociology at the University of Kobane Shervan Muslem explained that the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan by the colonial states is tantamount to isolation of the democratic thought through which the freedom of society in the Middle East can be achieved.

Shervan Muslem's talk came in an interview with Hawar news agency about the Turkish state's continued isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan.

"Since ages, the colonial states have been targeting peoples and trying to suppress their identities by targeting the free-minded people in an unethical and illegal way within society, as Turkey did and is doing against the leader Abdullah Ocalan by isolating him from society," said Shervan Muslem at the beginning of his speech.

He added, "The peoples were living in a natural state when they were emerging, but the colonial policies practiced by some countries manipulated societies and took control of them in pursuit of their personal interests. The leader was able, despite everything, to show the truth of the peoples and colonial countries, and put forward a thought during which we can live in peace because it addresses the crises in the region."

Muslem believes that "the establishment of a colonial state like Turkey to impose isolation on the leader is not a personal issue, but rather to control and eliminate the democratic thought put forward by the leader, which aims to save the peoples of the region from the oppression of the colonial countries that dismantled humanity for their interests."

The Turkish authorities have been imposing severe isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan since 2015, as they prevent his lawyers and family from meeting him, and despite some recent meetings that the authorities have allowed, isolation continues.

Shervan Muslem stressed the need for Middle Eastern societies to establish the ideology and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, which aims to create a free human reality away from colonial policies that aim to eliminate society in order to achieve the interests of states.

At the end of his speech, the professor Shervan Muslem, a professor of sociology at the University of Kobane said that the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan by the colonial countries is tantamount to a democratic thought through which freedom of humanity in the Middle East can be achieved.



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