Murder in Kobane left a woman victim

A young woman lost her life in Kobane city yesterday after being shot with a "Kalashnikov" in her home.

The 19-year-old killed woman (R.M) was subjected to shots with the Kalashnikov weapon at midnight in her house in "Butan Sharqi" neighborhood, which left her as victim.

The Internal Security Forces' Office for Organized Crime in the Euphrates region confirmed to Hawar news agency's reporters that investigations of the incident are still ongoing, as it has not been confirmed yet clear information about the identity of the perpetrators of the crime and the motives for its commission.

Kobane city recorded a noticeable increase in suicides or murders of women, and according to administrators at the Kongra Star (Women's Organization), the city witnessed 6 murders and suicides for women during the past three months.



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