Munir Adib: Turkey seeks to use Hayat Tahrir Sham against Kurds

Egyptian observer Munir Adib believes deployment of the Tahrir Sham to Afrin is a Turkish plan aims to delist the group from the black list to be used in  t eight against the Kurds.

In the aftermath of the Astana meeting and in the early hours of 18 June the Sham Legion withdrew from Sherawa in the south and was replaced by the Tahrir Sham (formerly Nusra Front) that carried out a large scale military operation against the mercenary groups of the Syrian National Army under directives from the Turkish occupation state. by the end of this operation the Tahrir Sham controlled the Ghazawiye border crossing that connects Afrin with Idlib in addition to controlling the Deir Balout village in the district of Jinderse on the border with Turkey.

The Tahrir Sham entered the centre of the Jinderse district and controlled all the villages of the district and headed towards the Afrin city enter after all points of the Turkish occupation forces withdrew from the entrance of the city to their bases.  

Egyptian observer specializes on radical groups and international terror Munir Adib told ANHA that '' recently, the Tahrir Sham or the Nusra Front seeks to receive legitimacy inside Syria and outside from the international community and eventually to lift it from the U.S black list. It has commenced humanitarian work and civil services inside Syria not to mention changing its name from the Nusra Front to Hayat Tahrir Sham and to detach its self from the Qaeda and ISIS.

On the timing of such a movement by HTS Adib said: the Nusra Front may be seeks to have ties with the National army to be one of the Syrian components and this signifies that the international community has no problem to deal with radical organizations and even the most radical ones and those used in violent terror.

Adib added : '' for this this use and this cooperation between HTS and the National Army indicates to integrate the HTS with the National Army and considering it a political Syrian component''.

Munir went on to say '' this is considered a recognition to the radical organization and may be in the Syrian politics in the near future and this means that the international community seeks to enable the organization in the arenas as if to create a new ISIS in Syria''.

Munir Adib said that ''the HTS introduces itself again to the Syrian community and the international one via reintroducing itself or attempting to change itself anew''. 

Munir Adib said HTS entered Afrin to apply Syrian and even Turkish agendas by fighting people of those areas that differ in religion or ethnicity. These people are Kurds and not Arabs even that there are Arabs in North and East Syria or in Afrin''.

Munir noted that Hayat Tahrir Sham is being used to meet some local and international agendas of which to put an end to the indigenous Kurdish community and we ought not to forget that Hayat Tahrir Sham is involved in killing activists of different religious or ethnic backgrounds that raises fears and we believe this would happen in case Hayat Tahrir Sham succeeds in occupying the region''. 

Egyptian observer Munir Adib affirmed that '' there is a Turkish plot of course behind this to reintroduce this terrorist movement and the Turkish plot s that (Hayat Tahrir Sham) is supported by the Turks, and that they would be used to pass on their aims that include fighting the Kurds in this region. They fear they danger of the Kurds in the region of North and East Syria and eventually the Turkish aim is to put an end to the Kurdish people via using Hayat Tahrir Sham that seeks to have its name removed from the black list and to enable it in the region.

We used to see Abu Mohamed al-Joulani openly masked but now he appears in front of cameras and on media with the attendance of press conferences announced in advance.

He appear in public amid Syrians. This aims to enable and reintroduce  the movement as an indigenous Syrian component. Turkey by this would achieve other aims may be destroying the Kurds. 



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