Mullah Nawaf: Kurdish parties must speed up holding national conference to protect the people from genocide

A member of the Union of Intellectuals in Amouda branch, Bashir Mulla Nawaf, praised the initiative of Kurdish intellectuals and artists in Europe to unite the Kurdish ranks, and called on the Kurdish political parties to put aside personal and party interests and accelerate the convening of the Kurdistan national conference to unite the Kurdish people and protect them from genocide and displacement.

Kurdish artists and intellectuals in the German city of Cologne have launched an initiative to support efforts to hold a Kurdish national conference, while Turkish attacks are targeting northern and eastern Syria, aimed at exterminating the Kurdish people, displacing them from their land and changing the demography of the region.

In turn, intellectuals and artists in Rojava welcomed this initiative because it aims primarily to unite the Kurdish ranks to stand in the face of the Turkish attack on northeastern Syria and all parts of Kurdistan.

Bashir Mulla Nawaf, a member of the Union of Intellectuals in Amouda, praised the efforts made by Kurdish intellectuals, writers and artists in European countries and said: "During 8 years of war in Syria and after the elimination of ISIS mercenaries, there is a great conspiracy against the Kurdish people, and I believe since the World War. Second, to this day, there have been no wars and agreements on peoples, such as what is being done today against the Kurdish people in particular. Attacks by the Turkish occupation and its attempt to end the existence of the Kurdish people and exterminate them are carried out by international agreements, especially Russia and America.

Nawaf stressed that it is necessary-in the face of these conspiracies aimed at the presence of the Kurdish people- to work to unify the ranks to stand in the face of conspiracies, and called on the general Kurdish people to rally around the initiative launched by the Kurdish intellectuals and artists to succeed and reduce the massacres and violations against the Kurdish people in all Kurdistan.

Nawaf also stressed the need for the Kurdish political parties to rush to hold a national conference in Kurdistan and put their personal and party interests aside and look to the Kurdish public interest to save their people from genocide, displacement and demographic change, and to thwart projects and plans that hinder the unification of the Kurdish people by holding the conference as soon as possible




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