Muhammed Rashid: Idlib towards new escalation and Syrian-Syrian dialogue is the best solution

The head of the Future Syria Party, Afrin and al-Shahba Branch, Muhammad Rashid, stated that the Syrian government's mobilization of its forces in the Idlib countryside heralds a new battle, and indicated that the solution to the Syrian crisis will be through sitting at the negotiating table and the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

This came during an interview conducted by ANHA agency with the head of the Future Syria Party, Afrin- al-Shahba Branch, Muhammad Rashid, about the military developments taking place in the Idlib regions in light of the government forces bringing military reinforcements to the region and talking about an anticipated campaign against mercenaries supported by Turkey.

The text of the dialogue is as follows:

The Syrian government forces and the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries continue to send military reinforcements to the countryside of Idlib, but despite this, the field map has not changed. In your opinion, what is happening there?

Turkey's policy in Syria and its attempt to create instability in the region since its intervention in Syria until now suggests that all parties in Idlib, especially the Turkish state and the mercenaries who are operating under the orders of the Turkish occupation, which takes the opposition as a Trojan horse to create confusion and problems in Idlib, and this has been the case since the beginning of its intervention in the Syrian crisis.

It is not in Russia's interest for Idlib to keep Idlib as a region of tension, as it wants to control all the tense areas in Syria, so that it is considered the only guardian of the Syrian state, so the crowd that we see in Idlib heralds a new battle, and recently there have been clashes between the Russian patrols and unknown groups on the M4 road. And as some vehicles belonging to the Turkish occupation have been targeted, all these developments suggest that it is an area of ​​tension and not safety. "

Russia is trying to take advantage of the contradictions between Turkey and NATO countries, especially Greece and France, by pushing and dragging Turkey into an inevitable confrontation with NATO countries. Russia knows that Turkey is a key country in NATO and is trying to benefit from that as much as possible to create instability in NATO. "

Is there an intention to install these parties to their sites or is what is happening is a preparation for a decisive battle for this issue?

Russian-Turkish relations are heading towards closure. Turkey’s intervention in Iraq, Azerbaijan, Libya and other regions pushes to create contradictions with Russia. The relations that we are witnessing between two countries are tactical and almost reached the point of closure. Turkey’s intervention in Azerbaijan made it suspect to Russia that the first is trying to create chaos in the region, returning to Idlib and what is happening there, all factors fall under the military confrontation, because Idlib is considered a very complicated card between the international parties, especially between the two countries (Russia - Turkey).

Russia wants to preserve its interests in Syria regardless of the price, as it is trying to establish the foundations of the Syrian state, its interests dominate its economic nature, as it will not be patient any longer to keep mercenaries as a factor of instability in the region, as the military build-up and burning forests are in preparation for a partial military operation or comprehensive.

Russia is trying to benefit from the problems that Turkey suffers from both externally and internally. The political opinions that have emerged recently, especially with the agreement of the Syrian Democratic Council and the Popular Will Party, and the status of the UN envoy Geir Pedersen in the form of the agreement, and the visit of the Russian delegation to Damascus heralds that this situation must be ended. It is going towards an armed confrontation, and everyone knows that the confrontation will not be easy. Everyone has put his strength and weight in this confrontation.

Russia is playing on the rope, Turkey suffers from many crises, especially on the external level, and the escalation of tensions between Turkey and Athens in the Mediterranean, and at the internal level the collapse of the Turkish lira and the Turkish opposition, which is preparing to go to the streets, so Russia's strike will be severe and will limit the Turkish intervention in Syria.

The region is heading towards pivotal events with the coming period, so the region will go to confrontations, the consequences of which may be great, especially the intervention by a significant group of NATO countries and the dissatisfaction of these countries with the Turkish actions that are destabilizing and controlling, so we see that the situation is heading towards a crisis Between the conflicting parties in the region, the coming days will witness a set of events that will be pivotal after ten years of this vortex. Matters go towards the last pages or towards the solutions that many parties desire to benefit from the coming situation.

In your opinion, what is the best and appropriate solution to the Idlib issue and the Syrian crisis in general?

Adopting a political solution is the goal of the Syrian people. We, as a main party, believe that we do not depend on the military solution and prefer a peaceful solution to the democratic forces in Syria. The democratic Syria, which has projects and programs that prevents blood to reach the Syrian solution, we do not depend on the external forces and depend on the Syrian-Syrian solution according to Geneva Resolution 2,254, and the Constitutional Committee must be involved by all the Syrian parties, unlike the radical parties that are heading in Syria towards closure.



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