MSD to hold forum for Syrian clans

On May 3, a meeting of the Syrian clans will be held in the area of Ain Issa to discuss the role of the tribes in the fight against terrorism and the building of  the Autonomous Administration, where it will be held under the auspices of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD).

The Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) is preparing to hold the Syrian Clans Forum in the town of Ain Issa, and will be attended by various tribes representing the components of Syrian society.

In a statement to the Hawar news agency, the co-chair of MSD, Amina Omer said that the forum would discuss the role of the Syrian clans in the elimination of mercenaries, the unlimited support it offered to SDF and the establishment of the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria.

Amina Omer said the purpose of this forum is to support these tribes after eliminating Daesh and to activate their roles to face all the attempts by the external forces that threaten our areas and to participate in eliminating the sleeper cells and work to unify the efforts to confront the Turkish threats against the North and East of Syria to target the democratic project.

She said that the forum will send message to many parties and added, " we as a society with all its components we defeated the mercenaries and we affirm to confront the terrorism and face the plots that are waging against us.

She stressed the steadfast position of the tribes on the Turkish occupation, the total rejection of its practices, its occupation of some Syrian cities such as Afrin, its worst inhuman practices against its secure population, its continuous work to change the demographics of the region and its recent construction of a separation wall separating it from the rest of Syrian territory.

Amina Omer, at the end of her speech highlighted the prominent role of "Syrian tribes and standing permanently in the face of colonial schemes that tried to undermine the unity of this country." 



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