"MSD has a project to transparently resolve the Syrian crisis"

The Syrian opponent politician, Abdel Sattar Faisal, said that the aim of the recent European, Western and Arab visits to the regions of North and East Syria is to view and involve the Syrian Democratic Council in the upcoming negotiations.

The diplomatic arena in the north and east of Syria has witnessed a remarkable development in recent times, after geographically eliminating Daesh mercenaries. The European, Western and Arab delegations have flowed to the northern and eastern regions of Syria to watch what happened and what is happening on the ground in the region.

The delegations that visited the regions of North and East Syria and met with the representatives of the Autonomous Administration, the Syrian Democratic Council and the Syrian Democratic Forces included a delegation from the United States, Belgium and France which met with a delegation from the European Parliament, a Saudi, a Kazakh, and Uzbek delegation and the delegations of European academicians and intellectuals. The Swedish envoy to the Syrian file Ber Ornioz. Most delegations affirmed their support for the Autonomous Administration and the need to represent them in solving the Syrian crisis because they apply a genuine democratic system based on the principles of the democratic nation.

Syrian opponent Abdel Sattar Faisal told Hawar News that the visit of European, Western and Arab delegations to the regions of north and east of Syria is not strange nor surprising, especially after the elimination of Daesh mercenaries geographically in the last strongholds in Bagouz.

 "There are major reasons for these visits, such as the pressure exerted by the United States of America on Western countries to increase their support and political and military presence in northern and eastern Syria, and to follow up the mechanism of Autonomous Administration and its system in the region as well as having a closer look at their citizens held at the SDF's and working to hold them accountable."

Faisal explained that after the victories of the Syrian Democratic Forces on Daesh mercenaries, it is certainly necessary to push for the involvement of these military forces and its political umbrella in future negotiations, whether in Geneva or other, to resolve the Syrian crisis, and said: "Especially after the failure of the other parties of the so-called opposition in Riyadh, Istana and others, and excluding some components of Syria in the Syrian solution.

Faisal said that the aim of the visit is to "inform the Syrian Democratic Council of the upcoming negotiations because of the project it has put forward in a roadmap to solve the crisis in a transparent manner." All the concepts of democracy, citizenship and coexistence are part of a general culture that holds Syrian territorial integrity and sovereignty, which enhances confidence among the components of Syrian society. "



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