MSD discussing holing" General National Conference of opposition forces" in Paris

The Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) held interactive and consultative workshop on the current June 29-30 in Paris in which democratic forces and figures participated to discuss the roadmap issues to solve the Syrian crisis and to discuss the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria(AA) experience in addition to discuss how to hold the General Council Conference of the opposition forces.

At the invitation of the Syrian Democratic Council, representatives of Syrian national and democratic forces and movements, as well as independent national figures, participated in the dialogue workshop, in the presence of the co-chair of MSD, Riad Darrar, in addition to the co-chair of the Office of Public Relations in AA Jihad Omar, the deputy of the joint presidency of MSD Mejdolin Hassen, and members of the Presidential Council of MSD.

Over the course of two days, the participants discussed several issues related to "the experience of AA". They also discussed the "roadmap for solving the Syrian crisis" and the mechanism of democratic transition through the convening of the general conference of the broader democratic opposition forces.

The participants in the first day of the workshop praised the experience of AA in the regions of northern and eastern Syria. The participants also agreed on the importance of this experiment in solving the Syrian dilemma, considering this experience as a "glimmer of hope" to solve the Syrian crisis.

At the same time, the participants appreciated the role of AA in fighting terrorism, maintaining security and stability in the region, and forming an administrative and service structure to serve the people of the region.

In another axis, the participants established the road map to solve the Syrian crisis and the mechanism of democratic transition. The map presented to the workshop was enriched with observations and discussions on the preliminary steps and confidence-building measures, as well as the political process and its operational steps.

On the following day, the participants discussed the general conference of the democratic opposition forces, where they discussed the mechanism of the conference and the proposed personalities to participate and discuss the outcomes and results expected to result from the general conference of the democratic opposition forces.

It should be noted that the Syrian Democratic Council is holding other dialogue workshops to complement the meetings and dialogues that began after the third conference last July to reach a decentralized democratic Syria for all Syrians.

Source: Official website of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD).



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