MŞD calls for strong participation in commemorating massacre of Şengal

The Şengal Council of the Diaspora (MŞD) said in a statement that the strongest response to the latest massacre against the Yezidi people in Şengal  is to return, with the will and determination from the camps, to Şengal , and the Council called on everyone to participate strongly in the activities that will be organized against the massacres.

This August 3 marks the sixth anniversary of the Şengal massacre by ISIS mercenaries, and by that, the Şengal Council in the Diaspora issued a statement of public opinion in which it said, "It has been six years since the brutal massacre committed by ISIS against the Kurdish people in Şengal.

It also included:

We, like the Şengal Council in the Diaspora, remember all the martyrs of the seventy-third massacre committed against the Yezidis, as we remember all the martyrs in the freedom movement of the Kurdish people who sacrificed their lives and transformed their bodies as living shields against the dark and brutal forces to protect the Yezidi people, with respect and appreciation

Dictatorial authorities kept the Yezidi community permanently unwilling and organized, and their swords were always ready to destroy the Yezidi community. One example is the massacre committed against them on the third of August 2014, pretending that they will protect them.

Today, the Yezidi community has the will and power to defend themselves and are organized thanks to the ideology and philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan. ISIS was a tool for regional and international powers, especially the fascist Turkish state led by the Justice and Development parties - the National Movement.

More recently, our Yezidi people have returned from the camps in southern Kurdistan to their holy lands. It is the greatest response to the enemy.

We believe in this return to strengthen and organize ourselves. The Yezidi community must consider that building Şengal is one of their tasks and responsibilities to preserve their community.

We, as the Şengal Council in the Diaspora, call on everyone to strengthen their work in the international arena with all their strength for the sake of a free Yezidi community, in order to protect their rights and recognize the massacres against them as racist massacres and genocide, and prosecute the terrorist criminals who committed these massacres.

We also invite all Yezidis, intellectuals, democrats and patriots to join the events that will be organized under the leadership of the Yezidi Women's Council.

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