Mûrat Karayilan: Any conflict between two Kurdish parties will not serve either of them

A member of the Leadership Body of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Mûrat Karayilan has confirmed that the relations that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) have with the Turkish state and the intelligence cooperation between them do not serve the interests of the Kurdish people, nor do they serve the interests of the party itself.

This came during an interview conducted by Stêrk TV with Mûrat Karayilan, in which he talked about the accelerating events taking place in Başûr (southern Kurdistan) and the movements of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces in the regions of Garê, Haftanin and Metîna.

The Kurdistan Democratic Forces are preparing to fight

Karayilan explained that the recent moves by the forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) come within the framework of “preparations for the fight,” adding, “If we did not have the proven information about these movements, we would not have made these statements, because we always look at the situation positively and show our optimism, but we obtained information confirming the party’s intention on fighting. What do they want from these moves? At every point where our forces are present, they send their forces there. They are seeking to block the road between our points where our fighters are stationed, so we can ask, what are the intentions.”

He continued, “During the last six years, the Turkish state began planning according to a new mentality. At the present time, it is the mentality of the National Movement Party MHP and not the Justice and Development Party (AKP) that actually governs Turkey. The national movement takes Turkish nationalism as a basis for government, and this party does not want any other nationalism in the region. They are the owners of a chauvinist, extremist, nationalist ideology, and with this mentality, they seek to impose themselves on the people of Kurdistan. Everyone should be aware of the dangers of this movement.”

Mûrat Karayilan pointed out that the Turkish state has stopped its relations with the southern Kurdistan region “within 5 years of the cessation of fighting that they announced after the arrest of leader Ocalan, during that period, the Turkish state did not deal with the region, but when we returned to fighting, specifically in 2008 during a resistance Zab and after the people of Amediyê region in southern Kurdistan made popular resistance against the Turkish army tanks, Turkey returned to its relations with the leadership of the region. Then we saw its position on the referendum of the people of the region on independence. We saw how the leadership in Turkey made shuttle visits to Iran and Iraq and formed an alliance to prevent the people of southern Kurdistan from declaring their independence. Such matters do not want to be repeated, but we want our people to know the truth of things as they are. We in the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) defended the territory of the region in the face of all dangers, and had it not been for the presence of our fighters, Turkey would have attacked Hawler and prevented the Kurds from achieving any national gain. Therefore, we see that the Turkish state is targeting our party and our fighters, because we are the biggest obstacle to Turkey's realization of its dirty plans against the Kurdish people.”

The leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party referred to the mentality of the fascist Turkish state in its dealings with the Kurdish people and said, “There is a play that was staged in all languages of the world in several countries, and when Kurdish actors wanted to perform the play in the Kurdish language in Istanbul, the Turkish authorities prevented it. The authorities also noticed a sentence in a textbook (in the eighth grade in Turkish schools) that talks about Kurds, and quickly removed it from the book. With this mentality, they deal with the Kurds, so how can any Kurd imagine that it is possible for the Turkish state to be his friend and supporter of his rights!

The leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) always publish that the PKK seeks to be an alternative to the authorities of the southern Kurdistan region. In fact, we do not have such intentions and everything that is published about that is pure media misinformation and is done systematically. We have not heard this talk from another party, with the exception of Turkey's Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavuşolu, who once stated that the Labor Party wants to control Hewler we respect the sacrifices of our people in southern Kurdistan, and we realize that the achievements have been achieved thanks to those sacrifices, so how can we believe allegations in a false context that we want to control these gains!”

PKK does not seek to confront any Kurdish party

Mûrat Karayilan touched upon the media misinformation practiced by media outlets linked to the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the false propaganda that the party publishes on the PKK, indicating that the Peoples' Defense Forces fighters were accused of killing the security director of Sarser border crossing, and added, “Every incident that occurs, they accuse the party. We announce it frankly, and we have no intention of taking any action that would endanger the security of the southern Kurdistan region. We directed our questions to the leadership of the Kurdistan region: Have you carried out serious investigations into the killing of the director of the border crossing? Do you have adequate information on the incident? If they have any evidence of the involvement of our fighters in this incident, please let them present it to the public opinion. Here, I officially declare that the PKK does not seek any confrontation with any Kurdish party. Everything that is rumored in this context will only serve the agendas of the Turkish state seeking to fabricate Kurdish-Kurdish fighting.

He emphasized that any conflict between two Kurdish parties “will not serve any one of them,” adding, “In the 1990s, we witnessed fighting between Kurdish parties, and perhaps one of them emerged victoriously on the narrow partisan level ... But any fighting in the current period will only bring destruction, Why? Because we are in the twenty-first century. The international forces are redesigning the region again, so where will our place, the Kurds, be? We must ask ourselves questions like these in order to be able to act according to their answers. The Kurdish-Kurdish conflict, strategically speaking, will eradicate the people of Kurdistan. Therefore, we are making huge sacrifices to preserve the gains of our people in the north, south, east and west of Kurdistan ... these gains were made with the blood of thousands of our people.

Ready for dialogue

Karayilan directed his appeal to the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, saying, “We do not know whether sibling Masoud has any information about the recent movements of the party’s forces Garê areas or not! Because he hasn't made any statements yet. We would like to know what he thinks, and why is all this happening? Why do they want to block the road in the font of the Guerilla fighters in the mountains of Kurdistan? We would like him to take the lead on this. We are ready to discuss our contentious issues in a dialogue between us. But if we are sieged, then we will have to fight, and this is not what we want. We repeat what we said earlier, we are not seeking any Kurdish-Kurdish fighting ... and we will do all our efforts to prevent this from happening. "

A member of the Leadership Body of the PKK concluded by affirming that any dispute between the KDP and the PKK “concerns the general Kurdish people. The issue of the two parties is a national issue, so we are sure that every individual of the Kurdish people will seek on their part to find a solution through dialogue and debate. In short, I say it, we are ready for any solution that would prevent strife and fighting between us, and prevent instability in southern Kurdistan, so we show our readiness for dialogue to reach the best possible solution.



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