Mothers of early martyrs: happy our children's hopes fulfilled

Two martyrs' mothers who were martyred in defense of the regions of Rojava in the face of mercenaries attacks expressed their joy at the daunting defeat and confirmed that the hopes of their martyrs had been fulfilled.


While the Syrian Democratic Forces announced on March 23 the elimination of the last geographical pocket controlled by IS in Syria, which means the elimination of the existence of mercenary groups and their defeat militarily in full. The cities of north and east Syria are overwhelmed by celebrations, which children fought mercenaries and made great sacrifices in their war.

With that declaration, the wishes of thousands of martyrs who were martyred in battles against IS, have already been achieved. Hawar News Agency met with mother Zarka Mohammed and mother Yusra Kurdi: mothers of the first martyrs in the attacks on the cantons of Rojava.

Zarka Mohammed, the mother of the martyr Mahmud Kobani, who is the first martyr in the Kobani canton to defend the attacks, was martyred in 20 July 2013 in the village of Kurhiso, east of the city of Kobani.

Mother Zarka Mohammed expressed her pleasure in victory after years of war, led by the People's and Women's Protection Units (YPG and YPJ).

"The hopes of our children have been realized and we have built a free and sound life for all. Today we live safely and proudly by virtue of their pure blood."

Zarka wanted to express her solidarity with leader Abdullah Ocalan in an interview with our agency. She expressed solidarity with Leyla Guven, a hunger striker, to break the isolation imposed on Ocalan, and concluded by saying, "We defeated mercenaries, so will we liberate leader Ocalan."

Yusra Kurdi, the mother of the martyr Peyman Kobani, who is the first of the young women who were martyred in the defense of the region against the attacks, and martyred in July 21, 2013 in the village of Kurhiso, today expresses pride in her daughter and all martyrs "because they were martyred in defense of values and the dignity of their people.

"We send our greetings to the comrades of our martyrs and kiss their forehead and bless them for their victory over IS."

"As the mothers of the martyrs, we pledge to walk on their path until the last drop of blood in our bodies," concluded Yusra.

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces revealed in an announcement defeating Daesh, saying that the people of the region have given 11 thousand martyrs in the battles to defeat terrorism.

Although the families of these martyrs are happy the hopes of their children have been met, they demand accountability of the IS detainees held by SDF through courts under the United Nations supervision in the regions of north and east Syria with the support of the international community and the International Coalition to fight Daesh.



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