More than 300 civilians kidnapped in Afrin region

More than 300 civilians have been kidnapped by Turkish occupation and its gangs in Afrin area, during the past few days, demanding from the families of kidnapped pay money for their release.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue their violations against the people of Afrin canton, from the abduction of civilians and their transfer to unknown places under fake pretexts, amid international silence.

According to the information that obtained our agency (ANHA), the occupation army and its mercenaries have kidnapped over the past few days more than 300 civilians, including women, and trumped- up charges against them, amid the demands of their parents to pay money for their release.

On 17 June 2005, mercenaries abducted Idris Horo and Ali Horo from the village of Zitunki and their fate is still anonymous.

While other sources said from inside the occupied Afrin, the Turkish occupation's mercenaries have kidnapped two days ago 10 citizens from Mobata district and took them to an unknown destination."



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