​​​​​​​More than 30 dead, 3,000 injured left in Beirut explosion

The Lebanese government announced, on Tuesday evening, that 30 people were killed and 3,000 got wounded due to the huge explosion that occurred in the port of the capital, Beirut.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Health Hamad Hassen when he visited a number of hospitals in the Lebanese capital.

This outcome is preliminary and not final in light of the continued search operations under the rubble in the port facilities, and in light of the arrival of more injuries to hospitals.

Previous unofficial figures reported 10 deaths in the explosion.

Several hospitals in Beirut stated that they had received hundreds of injured following the explosion.

 Medical sources said that there were at least 500 patients in "Dieu Hotel" which said that it could no longer absorb more.

A huge explosion rocked the port of Beirut, followed by another more massive which led to inflicting vast damage to the port and large areas in the Lebanese capital. 


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