More than 29 women abducted, tortured within two months

The lives of women in Afrin turn dark in the middle of the day, day after day, due to violations by the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries against them, where more than 29 women were kidnapped, beaten, tortured and killed within two months, according to the Human Rights organization in Afrin

Since the occupation of the city of Afrin by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on 18 March last year, women have been subjected to many abuses of murder, torture, abduction and harassment, not to mention the suicides caused by harassment of mercenaries.

Since the beginning of August, the Human Rights Organization in Afrin has documented two operations by mercenaries to forcibly seize two houses inhabited by widows with their children and to settle their families with indigenous people, thereby restricting their freedoms within their homes.

The fate of dozens of women remains unknown

Afrin women suffer from many difficulties in light of the occupation of the region by the government of Justice and Development. And this suffering is still hidden due to intensive operations torture against the civilians and intimidation, the fate of dozens of women abducted within two months remains unknown.

According to the Human Rights Organization in Afrin, more than 25 women were abducted under false pretexts and accusations, the occupation abducts women as they leave their homes to buy their needs, or from within their homes under threat.

The abducted women from Janders are Delshan Kujer, Zallouk Hussein, Zeinab Mohammed, Fidan Hussein, Esterfan Asaad from Kafr Safra village, Sherawa district, Zeinab Batal from Basouta village, Wildes Abdo, Souad, Valentina Abdo Gilber, and Rajo district, Nabih Khalil. Latifa, Moulouda Khalil, Widad Waqas, Amira Juhaha from Jouqi village and Haifa Bakr from Quda village, Mobata district, Hefin Obeid from Berko village, a woman from the village of Jagli, wife of Mohammad Ezzo from Shia, Sharan district, Zeinab Dirar from Kafar Janna town. From the city of Afrin Fulla Abdo, and two women settled in Afrin and a settled from Homs wife Rahmouni, and Selena al-Tawel, Rukan Misto from Marat, and two women from Derik from the family of Muhammad Baqi, Nariman Mohammed from Quta village in the district of Bulbula. "

Harassment leads to suicide

Women in Afrin are also unable to leave their homes for fear of kidnapping, harassment by the mercenary factions in Afrin.In these harassments, suicide attacks by young women in Afrin are increasing, as women commit suicide by hanging, including those who throw themselves in the water.

They were beaten and killed ...

The citizen Houria Mohammed Bakr, who is at her seventies decades was brutally tortured by Jabha Shamiyya belongs to the Turkish occupation for stealing, where the torture marks were clear on her face and, after that she died on 6 Sep.

On the other hand, the citizen Istrafan Hassan was shot during clashes in the village of Kafr Safra in the district of Janders, she was kidnapped by al-Hamzat with her children and her fate remains unknown.

A member of the Human Rights Organization in Afrin, Jihan Ali, called on all international and human rights institutions to intervene quickly to stop these violations in Afrin city against women in particular, and put pressure on the Turkish and Syrian state to undertake its duty towards the children of Afrin who are part of the Syrian people as Afrin is part from Syrian territory.



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