More than 18 million cases with Covid-19 in the world 

According to data from the Worldometer website, which tracks the outbreak of the coronavirus, the number of infected people in the world has exceeded 18 million.


According to the statistics of the site, the total number infected reached until this morning Sunday 18 million and more than 23 thousand, about 689 thousand of them died, while more than 11.3 million had recovered.

The death rate is 6%, and among the remaining 6 million active cases worldwide, the proportion of serious and critical cases remains around 65,000 people.

The site data showed that the number of infections rose during the past day by 247 thousand cases, while 5,931 new deaths were recorded.

The United States remains the most affected country with 4.7 million infected people, followed by Brazil (2.7 million), India (1.7 million), Russia (845 thousand) and South Africa (503 thousand).



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