More than 12 raids, 280 shells hit Idlib southern countryside

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the regime forces carried out more than 12 raids and more than 280 rocket-propelled grenades on various sites in Idlib southern countryside since Tuesday-Wednesday night.

The Syrian regime forces re-bombed with warplanes the so-called De-escalation zone since Tuesday-Wednesday night after the bombardment ceased.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the Syrian regime's fighter jets launched more than 12 raids on areas in Khan Sheikhoun, Tarmala, al-Sheikh Mostafa, Aribna and Kersa'a in the southern sector of Idlib countryside.

The Observatory also noted that since after midnight till the moment, the regime targeted with more than 280 rocket shells the areas in Kafar Sejana, Tarmala, al-Faqi, Shehranaz, al-Habit, Tarmala, al-Sheikh Mostafa and other areas within the southern sector of Idlib countryside, in addition to Morg, Kafar Zitta, al-Lattamna, al-Zakat and Latmin in Hama northern countryside.

On April 30, the Syrian regime started a fierce attack on the mercenary gangs belong to Turkey in the so-called De-escalation zone according to the Russian-Turkish agreement after Turkey evaded to implement its promise to establish a de-militarized zone and withdraw the mercenaries from there

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