Monday's incidents confirms that IS' defeat has been imminent  

On Monday, 200 IS' elements who refused to departure during the cessation of operations in al-Baguz exited and surrendered themselves to SDF fighters. This confirms that Daesh's defeat has just been around the corner.


Daesh has embarrassed the entire of the world states. After extensive areas were under their domination in Iraq and al-Sham under the name of their alleged caliphate, the Islamic state in Iraq and al-Sham ended up in a small village on the banks of the Euphrates River.

The village of al-Baguz, a small village that is barely visible on the Syrian map has become popular in the world, and is witnessing a historic event which the world was waiting anxiously, the defeat of IS.

During the past days and weeks, after SDF ceased their military operations, evacuated the civilians, and gave the way to IS' mercenaries who wanted to surrender themselves, al-Baguz village has witnessed a large displacement of people, including civilians who were used as human shields by IS, and the Yazidis kidnapped by IS mercenaries during their attacks on Şengal in August 3, 2014. IS mercenaries of different nationalities realized that their defeat has been close after they were like a nightmare terrorizing the whole world.

On Monday, March 4, the Syrian Democratic Forces once again announced the cessation of their military operations in one of the battle's axes so that they could open a corridor for the exit of the civilians and the remaining IS' families in al- Baguz and their surrender to SDF's fighters. The fighters continued their progress in the other axes cautiously for fear of the lives of the civilians who are being seized by IS to be protected.

The fighters' determination to end the battle and defeat the mercenaries embarrassed the mercenaries who have realized that their defeat has been imminent. After the cessation of the operations in the northern axis of al-Baguz, nearly 200 mercenaries, most of them of Asian and Turkish nationalities surrendered to the fighters, in addition to 300 of the civilians and the families of mercenaries.

The Special Forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces have evacuated the civilians, mercenaries and their families from the area, and have driven them to a safe place, where searches have started, the mercenaries have been separated from the civilians and the security measures have been taken against the mercenaries.



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