Mohamed Rasheed: buffer zone is new form of occupation

Commenting on the developments in the field and in Idlib, Rashid said that the confrontations in Idlib will take a new direction beyond what was agreed upon in Sochi or in Astana, adding that the coming days will bring with it dramatic events that will suggest that some parties should be removed from the Syrian arena, the emergence of features of agreements between Russia and the United States of America and Israel "These agreements will bring the termination of secondary players in the region,

 The member of the Future Syria Party - Afrin Branch Mohammed Rashid said that the confrontations in Idlib will take another new direction outside what was agreed upon in Sochi or in Astana. He pointed out that the war in Idlib will not end the conflict in Syria.

Idlib's conflict will not end the Syrian crisis

He pointed out that the current war, which will expand its scope in Idlib is likely to expand in other areas will not be the limit in ending the Syrian conflict, as there are outstanding issues and complex.

Rashid said that the areas of Jrablos, Azaz and Afrin include large groups of Salafists that call for fighting the Syrian state or the democratic forces on the ground, so Idlib will open the door on other topics.

"The countries involved in Idlib are the same ones that overlook the Turkish intervene in the occupied territories. For example, no one has moved about what is happening in Afrin from the demographic change," he said. : "This is a fact that must be seen, and bring the world's attention to this ridiculous irony, there are recent statistics indicate that some villages in the city of Afrin where more than 300 families were living in but today, only 50 families are there and the rest came from al-Gauta and Idlib, this fact must be taken into account.

Turkey's call for a buffer zone means new occupation

  Regarding Turkey's talk about the establishment of buffer zone along the border in northern Syria, Rashid said that the buffer zone sought by Turkey in the north and over 900 kilometers is a new form of occupation that reinforces the old Ottoman mentality by restoring the glory of the Ottoman Empire " It is a pave the way for a new colonization and a new way to weaken and plunder people and humiliate all components, so any region will be a failure unless it is under international auspices. "

Turkey's internal crisis affects its foreign policy

Rashid said Turkey's economic crisis has affected its foreign policy. "In the event that a country breaks economically, it must reconsider its calculations and the region, especially under the sanctions imposed on it and the closure of commercial roads. Turkey lives an economic crisis that could turn into an internal revolution in Turkey. "

Participation of all components in the Syrian Constitution

At the end of his speech, Mohammed Rashid said that the Future Syria Party has a clear and explicit program in the establishment of a decentralized and pluralistic state.

It is essential that all parties and components in Syria have the first opinion in all the details in the new constitution that will be put to Syria, and he saw that the solution should be Syrian solution and on the negotiating table without excluding anyone.



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